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The Art of Reinvention

In this world the culture of quick fixes and throw away fashion it is always great to find an entrepreneurs reviving an artform from days gone by. Making useful items that are not only beautiful to look at, but also long lasting, environmentally friendly and just plain great to look at. Today’s finds are just such items.


Macrame, the art of memories, that fabulous plant hanging knotted art. taking a mere fern to heights of arty hippy chic. Who doesn’t remember making macrame decorated with those large wooden beads stolen from dads car seat cover…

True happiness in life comes from doing what you love, what you are passionate about. It’s the incredible feeling of pride when people appreciate your work, the feeling of satisfaction when you know that you’ve put every ounce of yourself into it. It’s the excitement to start a new project that lets you know that you love what you’re doing. And that’s exactly the impression that I get when chatting to Willene, owner of Bohovio. Her beautiful work with pottery and macrame truly express her passion, love and free spirited nature.

As Wilene tells me,聽 “The original BOHOVIO gypsy grew up in Bethlehem, a small town situated in the picturesque eastern Free State. She is a creative soul, obsessed with clouds and can not walk past something pretty without touching it.”

Wilene is a wild and free soul, more comfortable barefoot, searching for beauty to get her creative juices flowing. She loves authentic out of the ordinary decor that takes every day items to a hippy boho level – far from the everyday finds in your local mall. It was this love of the not ordinary that was the catalyst for BOHOVIO,聽Bohemian Vibes Studio started in January 2017.

Instasize_0912134007 (1).jpg

You can find BOHOVIO and all their beautiful creations on Facebook on the following link:聽

The Bamboo Project

Finally a stylish alternative to the single use plastic straw, which take decades to biodegrade, shockingly in the U.S alone up to 500 million single-use plastic straws are used daily…聽 聽 聽D A I L Y, yes you read right!!! DAILY.

Introducing The Bamboo Project.

Dylan and聽Daniella worked for two years in Vietnam and are passionate about empowering not only local south african communities but, those in Vietnam as well. Their straws are聽100% natural and 100% handmade.聽At all levels we ensure fair labour practices are adhered to. All their bamboo is harvested in Panda free zones.

In all their dealings, they advocate for responsible development which will ensure environmental sustainability for generations to come.

Bamboo, the perfectly environmentally effective material, it is the fastest growing plant on the planet, absorbs more carbon dioxide, and releases 30% more oxygen聽than any other plant. It is lightweight, durable, strong and biodegradable. It is therefor the obvious choice for biodegradable straws.


The Bamboo Project’s Vision: The Bamboo Project aims to use this powerful plant to change the mindset around single-use plastic products, namely plastic straws. In our everyday lives we reuse; knives, forks, spoons, plates and cups. So why not reuse straws?

The Bamboo Project offers sustainable non-plastic alternatives to single-use plastic items currently used in South Africa and the world. We hope to change mindsets around plastic consumption and to eventually be in a position to donate a portion of our revenue to environmental protection agencies. Be the change you want to see in the world and say ‘no’ to plastic straws.

Find then at



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Beauty in the eye of the beholder

The one thing that I love the most about shopping local are the incredible treasures that you find along the way. A few of these treasures being Beauty and the Beard and Pure Primal.

I love finding brands that embrace the nature around them and work towards creating their own unique approaches to an alternative lifestyle. Which is exactly what they have worked hard to do. They have created incredible ranges of luxury natural skincare and holistic products. Products that range from facial masks, facial serums to body butters.

Each brand bring their own unique take on natural holistic skincare and healthy lifestyle choices.

Beauty and the Beard

Purity, strength, resilience, power, simple yet still complex at the same time. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about mother nature and her incredible ability to sustain life. For this reason, it is so vitally important for all of us as consumers and even businesses to become more aware of our impacts on the earth.

Beauty and the Beard was started when sisters Katie and Tarryn who both have a passion for the environment, Katie working as a designer of commercial spaces and Tarryn as an ecologist and environmental consultant in Cape Town decided that the time was ripe to develop a range of skin and homeware products that lessened the impact on the environment while still delivering a top quality product.

All the natural skincare products are free from harmful chemicals and packaged in glass and aluminum rather than plastic. Their homeware range is made from reclaimed timber, where possible, and designed to be functional, stylish quality pieces that will age well.

Both of their product ranges are inspired by the zero waste movement, encouraging people to reduce the amount of plastic used in their everyday lives. Find them on Facebook聽

Review For Beauty and the Beard

A little while ago, I wrote an Instagram feature about the beautiful Cape Town based brand Beauty and the Beard.聽 They offer an incredible range of natural beauty products that are handmade and locally produced, with an incredible amount of care and passion.
Beauty and the Beard sent us a beautiful hamper of goodies to try out, which I was really excited to share with my younger sister Leku and hear her reviews on the product:
Hi there,
So over the past month and a bit, I鈥檝e been trying out some really awesome products from Beauty and the Beard. These products included a face food, face mask, face mist as well as a delicious rose smelling lip balm (which I absolutely love).
So my plan was to see how these products fitted into my everyday routine and how it worked with the products I was use to.
So my whole routine worked around doing my normal face washing (with just an average drug store brand), then I would spray a little of the face mist onto my skin and gently wipe off with a clean face cloth. Once this was done, I would then work the Face food into my skin (just after cleansing) and I would leave it to quickly soak in. I absolutely loved this product!!! There鈥檚 very little to no sent which I really liked. And the product has a soft gel like consistency that soaks in very quickly and leaves the skin beautifully soft and supple without feeling greasy at all . After this I actually found that I didn鈥檛 really need to use a face cream but if you do, the products don鈥檛 feel like they create a heaven build up on your skin.
I also incorporated their face mask into a twice a week routine. Which was just amazing, it鈥檚 really easy to mix up the powder to form a paste. I actually like mixing it up myself because then the remaining product is easy to store and really isn鈥檛 messy at all.
Once I mixed up everything, I simply applied to my face and just left for the 20 minutes (as instructed) and rinsed off. I found that this mask left my skin feeling very fresh and clean, it had a very pretty subtle smell, it was easy to rinse off and my skin just felt so beautiful afterwards.
So all and all I think it was a great success. I really really loved their products.

Pure Primal

Our bodies absorb a large portion of the product we apply every day. From head to toe. Whether we’re washing our hair, applying face cream, using deodorant or scrubbing away in our bathtubs. Our bodies, externally and through absorption internally, come into contact with everything we use. Which is why it is so important to know what goes into our goodies and how these products could possibly affect us in the long run.

Pure Primal Skin聽takes this issue very seriously. They have worked hard to create a range of skincare products that are clean, simple and derived from all natural ingredients. A range that creates the perfect balance and harmony between ancient traditions and modern research. A brand that has created a variety of Free range Nguni & Game Tallow skincare products. Carefully made to work with our skin and provide the elements our skin so desperately craves. 路

Sylvie, the founder of聽Pure Primal Skin聽was inspired to live a more simple life. Sylvie says that after a diagnosis of and aggressive form of liver and skin cancer she found that changing her food, nutrition and lifestyle choices, she changed her outlook on life and her diagnoses. Sylvie says “I want to bring to all of South Africa the best health options, without frills or fanciness, so everyone can afford it!聽Here’s to health and HAPPY DAYS!”

She started to engage with the ancient traditions and to learn from the old Voortrekker secrets to skincare and simplicity of life. It was here, where she soon discovered the magical properties that certified free range and grass fed rendered animal fat, or tallow has for our skin and bodies. A product that aligns with our skins needs and cravings so perfectly. An old fashioned secret to healing and longevity. 路

And so Pure Primal Skin was born. Offering an incredible range of bioidentical, 100% waterless, natural and artisan skincare. That is sustainably sourced and locally made. 路

“Organic, Natural, Local, sustainable, raw, autoimmune-friendly and non-toxic home, body and pantry items all promoting health PRIMALLY!!”

View this post on Instagram

I would love to give a huge thank you to @pureprimalskin for sending me through this incredible hamper to test out. Filled with yummy skin products such as their incredible cleanse, exfoliate, detox face bar, their face moisturizer as well as a divine jar of their skin food 馃檶馃檶 路 路 In case you missed it, I posted about @pureprimalskin a few weeks ago on my instagram feed so please check them out if you haven't already. @pureprimalskin provides proudly South African certified free range tallow skincareproducts that are #crueltyfree 路 Supports grass fed cattle 路 All products are #freerange 路 They believe in humanely raised & culled farming principals of happy cows 馃檶 路 路 Also keep your eyes open for our exciting reviews and blog features about @pureprimalskin coming up. #lovezabuyza #lovelocalza #skinecare #madeinza

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Review for Pure Primal聽

So, a little while ago I received a beautiful package from Pure Primal containing a gorgeous selection of skin care products. From a Charcoal based Artisan Face Bar, moisturising face cream to the most divine scented jar of Mandarin Skin food. The best treat a girl could ask for.

First off, what made me so excited about using this brand is their incredible attention to producing a sustainable skincare range that draws its inspiration from the past and our ancestors ways for good skin health. Ways that were environmentally friendly and conscious of their surroundings.

Their range is cruelty free and all ingredients are sourced from ethically run local farms in their area. Which I think is absolutely amazing. But enough said about that, lets talk about the products that we got to review. The first product (which was my favorite from the set) was the Verbena & Mandarin skin food (aka whipped body butter). The first thing that I noticed when opening it up was the incredible smell. I’m always one for a yummy smelling product. It sort of reminded me of one of the lemon grass candles I once picked up during an outing to Kalk Bay, which has quickly become one of my favorite scents. You’ll also notice that their body butter range are all solid as their products don’t contain water (which dehydrates the skin) in them. But this really isn’t an issue, all I did was scoop out a little bit (a little really goes a long way), heated it up in my hands and then messaged the butter into my skin. Such an incredible product, especially during the dry winters.

Then there was the Pure Primal Face Moisturiser. I really enjoyed adding this product to my skin care regime. It’s just such a great basic product which I believe is essential. It’s a good old fashioned facial moisturiser- No frills, no perfumes or any other聽 nasty additives. I found this product to be (texture wised) very similar to a lip balm that then melts beautifully in your hands. I also found that it left your face feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch without feeling heavy or oily at all. In fact it was recommended for people with “oily” skin.

And finally, I was sent through their 3C Face Bar. 3C being Charcoal, Cocoa and Clay 馃檪
This product I asked my sister, Emma, to review. She often suffers from bad breakouts during the month and I thought that she might enjoy a facial bar created to cleanse, exfoliate and detox the skin.

Here’ s a bit of her feedback:
Hi, I really enjoyed this facial bar, it definitely helped the condition of my skin and left it feeling soft and not dry at all. I loved the faintly medicinal smell of the bar. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a mild cleansing bar.



Local Finds, 26th of May

Shout Outs

Waddle On

From an early age when my parents took me to Boulders near Simonstown to see the penguins I have been facinated by them. I was so happy to find Martine and WaddleOn a company that sells socks to raise funds for SANCOBB in Cape Town.

Martine has an absolute passion for conservation and penguins in particular, having focussed her honours studies, hands on work and interneship and volunteering at both SANCOBB (since 2014) and Two Oceans Aquarium (since 2010) In 2016 Martine became a casual penguin keeper. Waddle on Socks was born out of the desire to help these critically endangered cuties.

The initial collection consists of 4 complimentary pair designs and introduces wearers to Rocky (at SANCCOB) and Ms Harold (at Two Oceans Aquarium). 聽The ultimate gifts for penguin lovers and funky sock collectors alike.

By Jacci Rudling (Guest Author)

Stone Lodge Elegant Wholefood

Carla, as she says had the priveledge of growing up, and living on a beautiful farm, sharing her love of food with friends and family through the years. Its was during one of these friendly dinners that the host turned to her and said that the salad dresssing he had brought ‘Needed to be marketed’ and that was the start of the journey that is Stone Lodge Elegant Wholefood.

Their range
Goji Ginger Granola, Nut and Seed Granola both come in different sizes abd are gluten free, grain free, dairy free
Herb Dressing, nut free, dairy free, gluten free and no added sugar and Basalmic and Chilli Dressing which is egg free, dairy free, gluten free and no added sugar. –

By Jacci Rudling (Guest Author)


Beauty and the Beard

19702476_286911715105532_928832717035015265_n.jpgA little while ago, I wrote an Instagram feature about the beautiful Cape Town based brand Beauty and the Beard.聽 They offer an incredible range of natural beauty products that are handmade and locally produced, with an incredible amount of care and passion.
Beauty and the Beard sent us a beautiful hamper of goodies to try out, which I was really excited to share with my younger sister Leku and hear her reviews on the product:
Hi there,
So over the past month and a bit, I鈥檝e been trying out some really awesome products from Beauty and the Beard.
These products included a face food, face mask, face mist as well as a delicious rose smelling lip balm (which I absolutely love).
So my plan was to see how these products fitted into my everyday routine and how it worked with the products I was use to.
So my whole routine worked around doing my normal face washing (with just an average drug store brand), then I would spray a little of the face mist onto my skin and gently wipe off with a clean face cloth. Once this was done, I would then work the Face food into my skin (just after cleansing) and I would leave it to quickly soak in. I absolutely loved this product!!! There鈥檚 very little to no sent which I really liked. And the product has a soft gel like consistency that soaks in very quickly and leaves the skin beautifully soft and supple without feeling greasy at all . After this I actually found that I didn鈥檛 really need to use a face cream but if you do, the products don鈥檛 feel like they create a heaven build up on your skin.
I also incorporated their face mask into a twice a week routine. Which was just amazing, it鈥檚 really easy to mix up the powder to form a paste. I actually like mixing it up myself because then the remaining product is easy to store and really isn鈥檛 messy at all.
Once I mixed up everything, I simply applied to my face and just left for the 20 minutes (as instructed) and rinsed off. I found that this mask left my skin feeling very fresh and clean, it had a very pretty subtle smell, it was easy to rinse off and my skin just felt so beautiful afterwards.
So all and all I think it was a great success. I really really loved their products.


Wild Flower

32089975_432064673921028_1633252139977408512_n.pngEvening showers have quickly become one of my favorite times of the day, especially when you have a delicious sugar scrub waiting for you. So a little while ago, if you remember my unveiling video on Instagram, I was sent a beautiful Rose Geranium hand crafted natural body (sugar) scrub from Wild Flower. Which has been so much fun to try out.
So if you love the sweet smell of rose jam, then this is the product is for you. The perfect sweet touch to end off the day.
The sugar scrub is made from a beautiful selection of natural oils that melt while you use it in the shower. And just fill the room with a sweet sweet and completely irresistible scent.

I just love how soft and smooth this scrub leaves your skin feeling. I love that it鈥檚 made from rose petals and natural oils. I love that it鈥檚 handmade and locally produced. I absolutely love love this product.


Thank You

Finally, I would love to say a huge thank you to Her Lief for sending me through two beautiful sets of earrings, each unique and quirky in their own way.

If you would love to find out more please check out my full feature about their incredible brand and their effort to create something beautiful and new from old recycled products. Click here



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Feat Socks. Socks your feet will be proud to wear!

鈥淥ften when you think you鈥檙e at the end of something, you鈥檙e at the beginning of something else.鈥 鈥撀燜red Rogers


Print. Pattern. Socks. It’s an obvious match made in heaven. I love pattern, I love design and I just love socks, so I am just so excited to be showcasing Feat Sock Company, a Cape Town company delivering fabulous patterned socks which tell a story, each of them different, each of them colourful.

The last in my series of guest blogs for Poppy Locket. It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to return. Chat soon. Jacci Freimond Rudling.

There are so many small local businesses in South Africa doing what small ethically minded businesses do. Supporting local business, making sure that their sphere of influence is benefitting small local support enterprises, feeding into the local community. They say that by supporting small business, one is supporting a family, helping someone to achieve a dream, sending a child to school.

Chelsey from Feat Sock Company studied fashion design after leaving school and discovered a love of story telling through fashion. She says its wonderful to be able to tell a story through a collection, “I get to create little colourful, mobile art pieces that people walk around wearing every day, and that makes me very happy!”

The main aim of Feat is to provide customers with a fun, high quality product that supports local manufacturing industry. We are all aware of how the trend of producing clothing items in the east has decimated our local manufacturing sector. Chelsey sees it as part of their responsibility as entrepreneurs to support local industry and educate consumers about the necessity of supporting local brands. This, she says, has a direct effect on our local economy and the lives of South Africans seeking jobs.

Chelsey says that the response to their company has been amazing, with people recognising a quality South African product. Chelsey says that meeting customers and chatting about her business really helps to drive home the fact that people are buying and wearing a true South African brand.

Chelsey says that “Not only is production local, directly supporting local communities, but many of my sock designs reflect inspiration drawn from local animals, environments, flora, local pastimes (ie. surfing), etc…it makes locals proud to wear socks that are inspired by their beautiful country, and it also means that tourists buying my socks take home a little piece of Cape Town. When they take their new socks home, I believe the socks will start conversations about our wonderful country and draw more people here holidaying and supporting our economy.” Unfortunately, with the cotton industry having dwindled, the cotton for the socks is imported, but the packaging is sourced locally from recycled paper.


As far as sustainability goes Chelsey says”I think that sustainably and ethically produced products are the way forward, and something we need to push more and more. We as consumers, need to be more aware of where our products come from and who is making them. And as entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to support local as far and wide as possible…it can only benefit us in the long run, both personally and commercially. We have to realise that there are beings involved in the making of the products we wear and produce…to ignore this is irresponsible and unethical.”


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Sunshine Daisy, Fashion Forward Vintage.

The trick is to find the style that is right for you.
When it comes to trying new clothes, my advice is not to take it too seriously
– it’s all about having fun.

Hi, me again, Jacci Freimond Rudling, guest blogger.

I just love vintage, upcycled clothing that is wearable and will last forever!!!! I am an avid follower of Livia Firth and her Eco-Age agency, a brand that is ‘turning the red carpet green’ on extravaganza at a time. They say, “Eco-Age is committed to helping brands to create a culture of purpose. At a time when consumers, employees, businesses and investors have an unprecedented interest and alignment with positive social and environmental impacts” and “Whether in Colombian mines, Bangladeshi factories or Italian silk mills, our teams assess all aspects of the supply chain. We visit our clients鈥 suppliers. We experience, first hand, the employees鈥 conditions and environments. We make recommendations, working closely with brands and suppliers. Our criteria align with principles covering social justice, corporate accountability and environmental stewardship.”

In south africa we are still at the baby steps position, but, there are so many small companies doing just this on a small scale, no celebrities, no hype, just a quiet determination to do things right, better.

Introducing Elaine Blom, fashion force behind Sunshine Daisy, upcycled and ready to wear vintage clothing. Elaine grew up on in the countryside where the local library supplied her passion for fashion from an early age with a steady supply of US Vogue magazines. From the age of thirteen she knew where her passion lay, she says “I just knew if I can design beautiful clothing I鈥檒l do this for the rest of my life!” Her mother worked for a wedding dress designer and had the knowledge to pass on, pattern making and cutting, Elaine just had to stand ready to learn.

Elaine studied fashion at Stellenbosch, and as a student, and being broke, like all students, she discovered the second hand shops in town…. this opened up a whole new avenue for her creativity. Being a fashion student, you are taught to be fashion forward, daring聽 and inventive, buying a jersey for R5 and upcycling it and bang… a jersey that looks like a million dollars.

It was at that time that Sunshine Daisy was born, selling upcycled vintage dresses, a year later, bored with just adding to someone else’s creations, Elaine started a Ready-To_Wear Range. Sunshine Daisy has a strong ethical and environmental interest, passing on skills to the community and in that way hopefully growing the economy. Elaine says, that without their clients, they have no business and aim to develop longstanding relationships with them.

Elaine loves to create clothing with a classic preppie look, soft feminine florals teamed with polka dots is a favourite combination. For the bold customer, Elaine loves to ctreate striking pieces that can be dressed up or down.



Sunshine Daisy is passionate about supporting local, “I love to support and give to my local South African community. As a local brand I feel that we understand that we need help to build our dreams. Help in this sense is definitely to be able to employ a seamstress, pattern maker, and to have fabric stores available to purchase fabrics and make products to sell and inevitably be able to sustain one self and those you employ.”

In their striving to be environmentally friendly, Sunshine Daisy uses locally sourced Cotton, Rayon, Viscose and Linen fabric and their labels are printed on bamboo paper.
They believe that doing this helps – one step at a time – to maintaining a healthy environment.聽Sunshine Daisy is a brand that鈥檚 build on sustainability. Our products are manufactured by hand here in South Africa.

Favourites in the range?
“It鈥檚 difficult to say which is my favourite item from my SS 2017/18 range, I love them ALL. I love classic pieces so if I should choose one I鈥檇 say the Klaradyn Dress. With a luscious off shoulder neckline, fitted midi length and bright Red colour, this dress sure will be the next 鈥楾ake me on a Date鈥 Dress in your cupboard.”

“Favourites among our customers is the BLOSSOM T鈥橲, in All the colours the BLOSSOM DAY Dress with its feminine soft look, CLARA Dress and Blouse with the soft preppy sleeve, MARIGOLD Dress- which is made from a more luxurious fabric for those special occasions, BETTY Dress 鈥 with a high classic boat neck and soft Rayon polka and finally the DOLLY Dress with the shoulder detail.”

Sunshine Daisy is on Facebook – @sunshinedaisyclothing



Guest Author, Local Finds

Nilla – Slow clothing

“Call it eco fashion if you like, but, I think it is just common sense” Livia Firth

Presenting Nilla Clothing
by guest blogger Jacci Freimond Rudling.
Just as we relate to the concept of slow food. Food that is created with time, love and care, so Nilla is the home of clothes created to speak of a time gone by, a time where clothes were made with love and care, where quality took time, and clothing lasted just like the memories made in them.

Just as a dew drop falls softly and gently, quietly from a leaf, a spider carefully and with precision weaves a web. Just like a petal stands up to the light of day, so we need to tread softly and carefully on this earth of ours. Taking it slow, slow food, slow reads, slow life, so the idea of slow clothes sinks in and makes sense. To own items that will last, will see seasons change and years go by, so the carefully made clothing from the label Nilla will last a lifetime, sharing memories and adventures.

Nilla came about in the most unexpected way, Nelmari says, “I was diagnosed with depression in 2016 after having struggled with it for a while.” She continues, “Knowing what a difference medication can make to my condition, and with the help of those close to me who have been supportive of my journey, I combined my late night sewing with the need to create awareness around mental health”

Nelmari’s support of Project Semicolon was born out of this need.聽 A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but, chose not to. ‘The author is you, and the sentence is your life’ Nilla tell us that a portion of all sales will go towards this project. Wow! That’s putting your money where your mouth is!!


Taryn from Poppy Locket was so excited to have found this fabulous little clothing range based in Cape Town. Don’t worry, we’ll update you as soon as we have all the details, web address and all. In the meantime, you can contact Nelmari on

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An Ancient Tonic


鈥淭he best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it –
are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.鈥
Wayne Fields

A guest blog by Jacci Freimond Rudling.

Lauren from Aceso Culture is a聽wellness coach with qualifications in sports science as well as nutritional therapy. She walked a long path suffering from candida as well as bloating and indigestion before discovering the the benefits of a specific ancient medicine that combines herbs with the soothing combination of vinegar and honey.聽 This experience fueled her studies in nutritional therapy and herbal medicine and it was during these studies that she came across the ancient folk remedy called Fire Cider, a tincture used in days gone by to boost the immune system and generally improve ones health. It was out of this discovery that her business, Aceso Culture was born. The name Aceso comes from Greek mythology, she was the Greek Goddess of the healing process and curing of sickness.

Lauren believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, specialising in gut health and believes that many of the ailments that plague us nowadays can be traced to poor gut health.聽Fire Tonics help to flush out toxins, mucus, and all types of harmful bacteria by lowering the bodies Ph level and boosting ones natural immune system.

It is filled with raw enzymes, prebiotics, beneficial bacteria, phytonutrients, potent anti-inflammatory, gut and immune support elements.

Each batch is macerated for 6-8 weeks using raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic vegetables like ginger, red and green chillies, garlic and traditional herbs like cooling mint and such followed by raw untreated cape honey. Nowadays it is a widely used Master Tonic due to its natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical properties. The fermentation process is called lacto fermentation, lacto refers to lactic acid. All fruits and vegetables have beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus on the surface. In an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, these bacteria convert sugars into lactic acid, which inhibits harmful bacteria and acts as a preservative, resulting in a 鈥淭onic鈥 with lots of live, beneficial probiotic bacteria.


Fire Tonics Ingredients List:

  • RAW Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar 鈥 with the mother Enzymes
  • Organic Medicinal root Vegetables
  • Organic Mint and Traditional herbs
  • Raw unheated honey – excluded from Vegan recipe

Through the ages this remedy has been used to:

  • Aid and stimulate Digestion
  • Prebiotic 鈥 feeding good gut bacteria
  • Reduces Inflammation, helps with conditions like arthritis, IBS, Crohn鈥檚 disease and menstrual pain
  • Kills and prevents harmful bacteria growth (including those that cause Candida)
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Reduces/Eliminates Reflux and Indigestion
  • Regulates the body鈥檚 PH level 鈥 alkalising effect
  • Helps reduce DOMS and post work out recovery
  • Helps the Liver to detox due to its anti 鈥 microbial properties
  • Helps prevent cold and flu

Above all, Lauren says, that they operate the business along fair trade, organic, low carbon and environmentally friendly guidelines. she says they support local farmers as well as smaller deli’s and cafes.

Aceso Fire Tonic can be found at or on Instagram on聽 or facebook at聽


Guest Author, Local Finds

The Urban Farmher

urban farmher.jpg

Today I think
Only with scents- scents dead leaves yield,
And bracken, and wild carrot鈥檚 seed,
And the square mustard field;

Odours that rise
When the spade wounds the roots of tree,
Rose, currant, raspberry, or goutweed,
Rhubarb or celery;

The smoke鈥檚 smell, too,
Flowing from where a bonfire burns
The dead, the waste, the dangerous,
And all to sweetness turns.

It is enough
To smell, to crumble the dark earth,
While the robin sings over again
Sad songs of Autumn mirth.

by Edward Thomas

As anyone who knows me will tell you I love to be in the garden, love to grow fruit and vegetables, so you can imagine how excited I was to be asked by Taryn to guest blog this particular business. It ticks all the boxes for me, local, woman run, environmentally friendly and healthy to boot. This blog was written by guest blogger, Jacci Freimond Rudling.

Today we look at a wonderful, healthy, gardening initiative, The Urban Farmher.
A brilliant business idea, bringing fresh, healthy microgreens to our gardens and tables.

Lauren Roodt from The Urban Farmher says that starting The Urban Farmer was a result of a combination of stimulus, both internal and external, a sense of being frustrated with office life and discovering the health benefits of produce produced in a chemical free environment. It was the discovery that her partner had contracted a stomach ailment, bacteria, H.Pylori which forced her to completely reassess her diet 鈥 and the discovery that broccoli microgreens had just the properties that she needed to kill this bacteria. At this point, Lauren went from hobbyist green grower to starting a microgreen business. A year later and she is still fired up about spreading the word, teaching people about the benefits of growing their own food.

Lauren’s philosophy is best summed by her slogan 鈥淎 harvest in every home鈥 She believes that no matter how small your garden, how ‘not green’ your thumbs are, you can grow at least some of your food at home. She says 鈥 A harvest may be successfully growing just one single lettuce, it may be buckets full of tomatoes, or it may even be the reward of bringing families closer together, gaining physical fitness, enjoying the fresh air or just having a sacred place to escape to after a busy day at work.聽鈥

鈥淎 vegetable garden in full production reminds me of the dessert cart in a fine restaurant. Where to focus, what to choose? Must it be only one?鈥
-Marie Iannotti

As Lauren says 鈥淢y consults are intended to help those who know that they聽want聽to grow their own goodies but just don’t know聽where聽to start! I am here to help people take the first steps to enjoying gardening, growing and eating their own homegrown vegetables and herbs and to give people more control over where their food comes from and how it is treated.鈥

The Urban Farmher teaches some of the important issues around growing ones own food, soil, position, irrigation and maintenance. Her consultations will take you through seasonality of different veg, how to get the most out of your garden, all this is done within the clients own garden so that she can speak directly into the beginner gardeners own situation and options.

Lauren has chosen four of the easiest types of microgreens to grow at home – broccoli (the micro superhero), beetroot (beautiful red stems with a sweet earthy flavour), alfalfa (the mildest flavour of the family but beautiful in salads etc) and radish (has a great spicy/mustard flavour and adds an awesome kick to sandwiches or pizza).

The kit includes soil, the bowl to grow in (which is 100% biodegradable), seeds (I include enough for 2-3 harvests), instructions on how to grow your microgreens and a simple recipe card for some meal inspiration.

She says that the best thing about her business is the excitement that people get from growing their own food. Microgreens have always been those fancy little additions to salads in expensive restaurants , now, they can be grown right in your garden to nourish your family. Lauren is completely driven to make the footprint as small as possible so all her suppliers are local, from the printer who prints her packaging, to the seed and soil suppliers.

Part of the joy of this business is the realisation that urban farming seems to go beyond the hobbyist and right to the formation of community, a community that shares, As she says 鈥淕ardening unites all sorts of people under this common love of watching a tiny seed emerge from the ground and develop into a strong plant that can sustain and feed us! I just find it incredible and feel like it is such a powerful tool to bring people together in a neutral space.鈥

“Growing one single food plant allows us, for a moment, to be a creator and not a consumer” (from Molly @thegroovyfarmer on Instagram). Lauren says she loves the idea that in a way, urban farming makes creators of us and leads us to be less consumer orientated. Growing ones own food gives one such a sense of strength and self worth. Watching this small seed grow into a plant capable of feeding us, patience, faith and humility, watching a process that is Lauren says 鈥淚 think these are such valuable skills to pass on to any community and with each consult that I do I hope that in some way I am inspiring people to pass it on to their family, friends etc and so the cycle grows.鈥

Lauren also offers childrens gardening classes, called the Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club. She says the club aims to encourage kids to get outdoors, learn to grow their own food and appreciate where their food comes from and to develop healthy eating habits by appreciating what it takes to get the food from the farm to their plates. Tied into all of this is again the patience and sense of self worth that the kids gain from being in the garden and also just teaching them that what you put in is what you get out. The list of life skills gained by gardening is just endless!

When asked if she has any favourites, she says 鈥淗aha this is always such a tricky answer because I have favourites depending on what I am cooking at the time:
For a pretty meal I always turn to the beetroot for its red stems topped with their bright green leaves., the radish is by far the quickest to grow so is always rewarding and always make you feel like a green-fingered wizz. I love adding alfalfa to my scrambled egg (alfalfa is also super high in protein) and it is great for adding a pop of bright green to meals.聽And the broccoli is just my hero in terms of health benefits!鈥

I can gladly deliver any where in SA but people can also find them at the gorgeous Culinary Restaurant Deli (Lanseria), Duck ‘n Deli (Muldersdrift) and Go Green (Clarens). And obviously also at the Field Market (Parkmore) and the聽The Horwood Family Market (Edenvale). New to KZN, The Urban Farmer can be found at聽The Pantry on 103.

Anyone interested can visit her website they can get in touch via email on聽聽 as well as facebook or Instagram.

Local Finds

Kaatjie Produkte- Making life more quirky

What is happiness?
What is glee?
What is that smile, she hides up her sleeve?

Is it expressed on our faces?
Does it shine through our hearts?
Or is it simply,
The way that we feel,
when we finally let go and dance.

Is happiness found in what we do?
Is it found in what we say?
Is happiness found in our excitement,
for the start of a brand new day?

Whatever it is.
However, you feel.
Happiness is yours.
It’s mine.
It’s beautiful and real.

We all have those ‘little things’ in life that make us smile. Those things that make us happy on the inside. Whether it’s listening to a good old country tune, reading on a sunny afternoon or simply letting your creative juices run wild. There’s always that one thing to make us feel good. That one thing that gives us a warm glow, starting from our toes and working it’s happy way up to our nose. It’s the little things in life that we discover true happiness from.

Some people find happiness through creating. They find the beauty in the lines that contrast dark from light. They see the need in our world for uniqueness and expression. They see a place where imagination and understanding meet. A place where our dreams, our ideas become possibilities. A beautiful place. A happy place.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start this week off than engaging with our happy places. And most importantly, discussing a local brand that is all about embracing their uniqueness, their quirky aspects to create a range of products that trully express the happiness and love of their designer. So, it gives me a greate pleasure to introduce you to Kaatjie Produkte.

I came across this incredible brand earlier this year. From the moment that I saw her work, I just fell in love with it. Malani, the incredible talent from Kaatjie Produkte, has created a beautiful range of acrylic paintings, handmade gifts and goodies as well as an incredible selection of screen printings. Made with the soul purpose of making life a little more quirky and beautiful, in her own unique way.

…if it makes people smile and happy, I鈥檓 a happy camper!

“I started Kaatjie Produkte about two years ago. Although my day job is very enjoyable (I’m a journalist at an Afrikaans newspaper) I missed being creative… I came from a creative family. 聽I鈥檝e walked around with the idea of a small business for a very long time, until my mom gave me a ticket to a screenprinting workshop as a Christmas gift… I enjoyed it a lot – it was then that I realized I must get my act together and do something with all the ideas in my head! I鈥檓 proudly South African and believe in the products of local businesses聽 鈥 it鈥檚 a way to show the outside world that South Africa has a lot of wonderfull things and talent… Kaatjie Produkte was born in the garage of my house in Stellenbosch… My acrylic range is named Howzit Rosie 鈥 both Kaatjie and Rosie are my cats.聽 The journey so far was not easy, but so fulfulling. It takes up a lot of ones capital and time, but I don鈥檛 regret my decision.”

Some of my personal favourites from the Kaatjie Produkte range were her food themed acrylic paintings. I just loved them so much- there’s even a few hanging in my house as well as in the May Poppy Box. Which is why I was so super super excited about doing this post and being able to share her beautiful work with you.

Other paintings from her ranges include the Black Cat peanut butter, Marmite/Bovril as well as her delicious selection of Steri Stumpie paintings and so many (many) other yummy treats- just waiting for you.

So, if you would love to check out her range or see what other amazing products (from tea towels to coin bags) are available. Then please don’t hesitate to check out her Facebook page or pop in at the Blaauwklippen Family Market on a Sunday to say hii 馃檪


Until next time 馃檪

Local Finds

Local Finds- 12th of May

Hi there 馃檪

Welcome to our Second Local Finds edition on this beautiful Saturday Evening.
I have some exciting features install for you so sit, relax and enjoy.

Shout Outs:

Baby Yomi

For our first shout out tonight, I would like to introduce you to Baby Yomi. This incredible local brand focuses on creating a range of 100% Eco-Friendly baby wraps that are hand-made from only the finest sustainable and completely natural fibres in Cape Town 馃檪

Baby Yomi focus on creating an environment for the mother or father to get to know their babies in the most natural way possible. They focus on creating a product that encourages the personal and natural contact between a parent and their beautiful littlebabyyomilogo_bigger.png baby. “Our organic聽sustainable natural fibre聽one-way-stretch Baby Wrap gives you and your baby a safe, loving environment to get to know each other, carrying your baby in a hip abduction聽position聽which prevents hip dysplasia.”聽

They have also made an incredible effort to support sustainability and eco-friendly measures throughout their production process. A mentioned previously, Baby Yomi, uses only natural organic (pesticide free) materials to create a product that is safe for both yourself, your baby and the environment, in the best way possible. “The hemp organic cotton blend is a sustainable natural material that is hypo-allergenic, UV resistant, durable and a good temperature regulator.”

If you would like to find out more about this incredible brand or check out some of the baby wraps that they have available, please head over to their Hello Pretty shop 馃檪

Oh! Poppyseed

Oh boy Oh boy Oh Poppyseed, this looks good.

Our next brand is one of a tastier variety. An all plant-based ‘tastier variety’. Oh! Poppyseed is a local brand that produces their own delicious ‘veggie’ take on the South African traditional treat, biltong. Their incredible range is powered by plants but every bit as delicious as its meaty counterparts.
“Oh! Poppyseed has a purpose: to help everyone live a healthier, more ethically sound and environmentally sustainable lifestyle by providing delicious, meaty products鈥 without the meat.”
From start to finish, Oh! Poppyseed has stayed true to their core principals when it comes to producing a product that is not only good for you but at the same time conscious of the environment and their community. From packaging their product in biodegradable packaging, creating a delicious biltong treat that is high in protein with little to no cholesterol to donating 10 percent of their profits to animal rights organisations in South Africa. What could be better than a delicious treat that does so much for everything and everyone.

The Yummy Vegan

The perfect place to find the best comfort food in Cape Town, The Yummy Vegan.

If you’re looking for a delicious vegan styled home cooked meal. The kind of feel-good comfort food that will warm you up from head to toe on one of those cold wintery Cape Town nights. Well, look no further because The Yummy Vegan has got you covered. And better yet, they even have a yummy range of conveniently frozen dishes ready and available at selected Spars.

But, that’s not all. Every Saturday from 9 am – 2 pm, at the Old Biscuit Mill you can also catch the Yummy Vegans serving up some delicious treats from Mushroom Biltong, Organic Corn Nachos to Cottage Pie and even a little something sweet on the side. Or if you’re someone who loves to create your own Yumminess, they also offer the incredible opportunity for home-based cooking classes 馃檪 Where you can learn and create in the comfort of your own home.

“Our vision is to so showcase how easy veganism and plant-based cooking is.”

We are Lionhearted

It being the month that we pay homage and show our love and devotion to our beautiful mothers all over South Africa. I thought that it would be a perfect fit this Saturday evening to share We are Lionhearted with you 馃檪

We are Lionhearted is a South African brand that exist to nurture a sustainable lifestyle… Our desire is to empower women, lest they may unveil the lion heart within.” We are Lionhearted has created a brand that is for woman, woman of every generation. Woman of the past, the present and the future.

“The essence of being Lionhearted is a distinguishing nature that sets us apart from the moment we declare who we are and what we swear by. We, the brand, act as a platform for all women driven to acquire the choice to remain seen and heard.”


Crede Natural oils
Black Cumin Oil


Hi there, my name is Nigel Rudling.
I’ve been trying out the Black Cumin oil from Crede Natural oils on behalf of Taryn.

I decided to test the cumin oil in 3 ways first was in a diffuser as an essential oil as it had a lovely nutty spicy Aroma when heated and worked really well on my diffuser. I thought that it had a very masculine fragrance a little bit like Sandalwood, in that it has Darker warmer tones but really did make the room great.

The second option that I decided to try having look at ways to use cumin oil as a mouth Gargle in the evenings. I read that the oil had antiseptic properties so I thought that this would work really well, also I found that the oil had a really nice spicy taste. I put just a couple of drops into water (in a glass) and then gargled with it. It definitely freshens up your mouth and I found that the antiseptic properties helped a little with the gum disease that I had going on. I did it once a day in the Evenings and I think it’s definitely was a much more healthy alternative to commercial alcohol-based mouthwashes. I would definitely want to continue to use it as a mouthwash it that was probably my favourite way of using the oil.

The third way that I had decided to use it was as an additive in our salad dressings. They suggest you put a couple of drops into your normal sort of vinaigrette and so I used a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and 3 drops of cumin oil in a vinaigrette style dressing on a salad of rocket leaf, spinach, olives and tomatoes 馃檪

I think that this product is a really great versatile product to use, with amazing immune boosting properties.

Thank you.




Cherish- Beauty By Nature

Nature has an elegant beauty to her strength.
She is both powerful yet gentle.
Both resilient yet vulnerable.
She is everything that she needs.

Nature is the source of her own strength.
She is self- reliant.
She is efficient and hard working.
She is the perfect amalgamation of living and non-living;
of microscopic and macroscopic.

She is every race.
She is every gender.
She is every species.
Her biodiversity is the true essence of her strength and beauty.

As the human race, we have always been thought of as a selfish race. As a species only out for themselves. We take from the Earth, we take from the other species around us, without a second thought. And what for? To simply better ourselves, to ensure our own survival and happiness. But are we really that bad? I think that there are tons of brands around us, not just local but also international, that have created the perfect balance between loving ourselves and also learning to love nature. Brands that have found ways of working with nature, of contributing to her health and development and don’t simply just “take for themselves”. These are brands that are mindful of the chemicals they use, mindful of their production processes, their sourcing methods and ultimately the message that they send off into society. And I think that it is vitally important to recognise these efforts, to praise these successes and to learn from their achievements.

In the past few months alone, I have come across a variety of incredible brands (both local and international), brands that inspire me and I hope in turn inspire you as well. Brands that might not have their methods and practices perfect but are aware and try to improve wherever possible. Brands that do their best to educate those around them and are always happy to share their knowledge with us. These are the brands that I want to write about, to share with you and to get their message across in the best way that I can possibly manage. These brands mean the world to me and it has been my absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to share their stories.

One such brand that I would love to talk about is Cherish Beauty.聽 Cherish Beauty is a local South African skincare and beauty brand. A brand that has worked hard to create their own perfect balance between beauty and Nature. A balance that pays homage to the wisdom and knowledge that Mother Nature has to offer while creating a line of products that work seamlessly to address all the needs of their wearer and allows her to “harness her true inner beauty, naturally”.

“My brand philosophy is all about Love for the self and Love for the Earth.聽 Mother Nature really does know best and all the answers are provided in Nature.聽 My focus is on keeping products as natural and wholesome as possible, whilst delivering the powerful benefits that can be found in all the wonderful organic oils, herbal extracts and other natural ingredients.”

Cheryl Lotter, the brilliant brains behind Cherish Beauty, has created a brand that she can truly be proud of. A brand that knows their values, their beliefs and the core principles that they can stand by and trust. They have made every effort to be conscious of their actions, not only towards the environment or the physical well-being of their customers but also in the message that they send through to society. Their message that encompasses the idea of true beauty being a natural beauty. One that can be achieved through the proper love and care of oneself.

“I believe in making self-care a life focus, and not just a treat every now and again, and I try to ensure each and every one of my products are designed around this theme.”

There’s such an incredible story behind the face of Cherish Beauty and how it came to be. A story that allows you to truly understand how this brand was created with real everyday people in mind. People who don’t have that perfect skin, people whose bodies and health go through ups and downs, good times and bad times. People who are tired of buying products that don’t actually focus on their needs, that sometimes even work against their bodies, not for it. People who want to know that the products they use are designed to work with their bodies, naturally.

The story all started after Cheryl had entered her young-adult life stage. She soon began to develop numerous health issues, one of which was adult acne and highly sensitive skin- something that I can closely relate to. Doing what most of us have done, Cheryl tried, to no avail, many different brands to find that right solution- that miracle worker to solve all our skincare nightmares. “I discovered, through trial and error, that conventional and so-called 鈥済ood鈥 skincare products are not always made with the best ingredients for the skin, and in fact can actually aggravate sensitive skin conditions.”

Later on, during her years of studying a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Cheryl started to learn “all about the skin and how it was related to the rest of the health of the body… also learnt about how artificial additives and chemicals can negatively affect the health of my skin (as well as my overall health!).”聽This important realisation helped her to see that “chemicals in conventional personal care products are often not selected for our health and benefit.” This actually inspired her to start experimenting with making her own skincare products. Products that helped to show a vast improvement in her overall skin health and eventually people started to ask about her products and ideas, they began to show an interest in her natural solutions.

Cheryl eventually went onto complete a Diploma in Formulating Organic Skincare Products and so Cherish Beauty was born.

“I continue to study and research as I honestly believe I鈥檒l never finish learning 鈥 it鈥檚 such an exciting area of development and more and more people are becoming aware that natural really is better!”

“I believe my brand encourages the drive towards purity of body and mind, providing a skincare solution that is actually beneficial to mind and body every time it is used.”

Cherish Beauty is a brand that works to encourage a drive towards the purity of both the body and mind. A drive to create natural skincare solutions that will work to not only heal but also restore and cleanse both the mind and the body, everytime it’s used. “My brand highlights the importance of designing your life around a habit of excellent self-care, as you cannot pour from an empty cup.聽 In this day and age where the pace of life is at break-neck speed, I believe it is important to focus on excellent self-care inside and out, and I create my products to help people do this.”

But what would a healthy body and mind be without a healthy environment?
Well, quite simply they would be utterly redundant. Our environment plays such an intricate and important role in our overall health and mental state. It’s important to take care of each of these individual aspects in order to achieve a holistic approach to your well being. A concept that Cherish Beauty has made all efforts to support, “I also endeavour to use packaging that is recyclable, reusable and as eco-friendly as possible.聽 I am always keeping my eyes open for better and more sustainable packaging solutions!聽 I am vehemently opposed to plastics and try as far as possible to keep any plastics to a minimum in my packaging.”

Everything in our lives is connected to one another. From the choices that I make to the choices that you make. From the choices that brands make to the choices that we as consumers make. Each and every decision will have a ripple effect that affects our lives, our communities lives and the environment around us. If brands, such as Cherish Beauty, make the conscious decision to create ethical products for their clients and we the consumers decide to support and encourage these brands it creates a changing force on the market available to us. A change for products that take environmental awareness seriously, that take our health and well-being into consideration and ultimately products that encourage transparency and honesty behind their motivations.

“I believe that dedication to making products using only natural and organic ingredients, in as complete a form as possible, is the answer to a healthier planet, and to that of her inhabitants.”

Local Finds

Ben Rabbit- For The Little People

Information in our modern society is always right at our fingertips. Ready and easily available to use. Whether we’re out shopping, in our gardens or on our way to work, our trusted source of information is always with us.

Have a question, simply search online for an answer. It’s literally that simple. There’s an entire world of knowledge available to us, all the time. Information that has become a powerful tool for consumers who want to be more conscious, who want to know what they’re buying and the effects it can potentially have on our bodies and health. It’s a tool that our community has available. A tool that ultimately allows us to hold brands accountable for their products and their methods of producion.

Information and technology are vital tools that if used correctly can improve our lives, better our understanding and ultimately broaden our knowledge. Knowledge of what’s available to us, knowledge about different brand’s values and practices, knowledge about new processes and production methods available that are not only better for our health but also the well-being of our environment. And most importantly, the knowledge that allows us to know what products are safe, what can be trusted and what brands have our best interests at heart. So that when you go to the shop and purchase your goodies, you can make the best informed decision.

Our skin is one of our largest organs in our bodies. Often, without evening knowing it, we potentially put our health at risk on a daily basis. Risk from the chemicals we apply to our skin, the shampoos we use to wash our hair or the makeup that we cover our faces with. Often these products can contain potentially harmful ingredients. Ingredients that our skin just soaks in. I don’t know if you knew- it wasn’t something that I really thought about before this year- but our clothing that we wear every day, are often made or processed using harmful chemicals as well. Did you know that to make the average pair of jeans, it can use up to about 8000 chemicals a time*
And if you think about that, how many of those chemicals are potentially harmful?

These are ideas and concepts that the information, so readily available to us, has opened many of our eyes to. One such person was聽Michelle, the brains behind Ben Rabbit. This incredible local brand, which offers a beautiful selection of baby & toddler clothing as well as a natural skincare range, “was born from a desire to create beautifully made products for little people with an appreciation for great design, quality + natural products.” Products that would be safe for their little bodies, good for the environment and free from any nasty chemicals.

“We believe It is not only important to be aware of what we put in our bodies, but just as important to be aware of what we put on our bodies. Babies and children’s skin is extremely sensitive which is why we need to stay away from all those nasty chemicals that are harmful to one’s skin.”

“I believe in a lifestyle of buying quality over quantity. I am passionate about great design, durable and quality goods and organic products. Ben Rabbit aims to bring all these elements across in our product offering.”

“The idea for Ben Rabbit was born when I was pregnant with my first child in 2014. At the time I really struggled to find 100% cotton clothing as well as brands with a quirky, artistic touch.”

Ben Rabbit offers two separate ranges on their site from their fun, edgy and modern designed kids and babies clothing range to their beautiful selection of baby skincare products, that are made from only the finest quality (all) natural ingredients. Their aim was to create a brand that addressed the needs and demands of the modern families in South Africa. The need to have products that are free from synthetic or harmful chemicals. Products made from locally sourced materials. Products that are environmentally aware with minimal eco-footprints. And most importantly, products that are non-harmful to our bodies, especially the little ones.

“Our apparel range consists of quality basics and timeless pieces. Our fabrics are sourced locally in South Africa and where possible we use 100% cotton providing comfort and quality, making dressing easy and safe for both baby and mom… All our skincare is 100% natural.”

It’s about creating modern and quirky pieces that stand out in the crowd, not only for their edgy and fun designs but also for their incredible quality and attention to the finer details. It’s about creating a brand that stands out from the rest, that customers know and can trust when it comes to their little ones. A brand that supports their community and takes great care in all that they do. A brand that truly values the health and safety of their customers, a value that forms a vital part of their core.

聽It鈥檚 just as important to be aware of what you put on our bodies or skin as we are aware of what you put into our bodies. Especially when it comes to 聽our little ones!”


I just fell in love with this brand from the moment I first came across them. I loved their values and efforts to support a healthier (clean) market space in South Africa. I love that they keep their brand transparent, what you see is what you get. And at the same time, they have just been an incredible and genuine brand to work with, whether it was on our Instagram posts or allowing us to feature their products in our Poppy Baby Box this month. It’s just been such an honour to have had these opportunities.
And I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us.


Umatie- For the LOVE of good food.

nothing better to do on a cold rainy day in South Africa than simply snuggle up under a warm blanket in front of the fire with a hearty home styled meal. It really doesn’t matter what age you are, we all need a little TLC meal (a Tender Loving Cooked Meal) every now and then. A little something to make us feel warm, loved and cared for. Whether you’re a beautiful bouncing baby ready for the big boy food, a hard-working mom in need of a little help around the house or a student away from home for the first time- we all need a little help. A little home-cooked meal delivered straight to your doorstep.

Which is why I would like to introduce you to Umatie, your convenient and healthy solution for all your upcoming winter food worries. They offer an incredible selection of pre-made homestyle meals. A little something for the babies, a little something for the kids and even a little something for the whole family. Each of their ready-made dishes is packed with locally sourced fresh ingredients without any of the nasties, free from GMO produce, no MSG, no colourants or any hydrogenated fats and definitely, no added chemicals that your grandmother wouldn’t be able to pronounce. Haha, that’s always been my moms rule, “Never eat anything that your Gran wouldn’t know how to pronounce.”

So if you’re looking for a quick, healthy and easy meal, one that you know was created from start to finish, from the soil to your dinner plate in a conscious ethical manner, then you’ve come to the right place.

Umatie was created by two sisters who shared a love, a passion and a talent for creating great quality food. A love that they wanted to share with their community. With the moms who wanted an alternative to shop bought processed food. With the families who need a little help at the end of a busy day. With the parents needing a quick balanced meal on the go. They wanted to create an accessible and affordable solution for their community. “We are just two sisters with a passion for good food…We still do everything how you would at home with no shortcuts – especially not the ingredients. In fact, we have perfected our meals to offer your baby or kiddie the best there is in terms of nutrition, texture and variety.”

“…hearty & delicious frozen meals for babies, kiddies and families.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

鈥淚 can easily do this for a 100 babies!鈥

Anna and Judi, the beautiful sister duo behind Umatie started their incredible business out of a small cottage with one simple freezer, a big dream and a never-ending commitment to it.聽 A dream that has grown and still continues to grow every day. “…It has been a very rewarding journey – to have started something from scratch, to watch it grow, to receive positive feedback and most of all, to know that we鈥檙e helping little bodies to grow.”

They have managed to perfectly bring together their unique and diverse set of skills. Skills that have each played an important role in their business. “My graphic design background, Judi鈥檚 financial background and our joint love for cooking and good food, was a great combo for our business idea.”聽A business idea that has transformed into a successful local brand supplying franchises such as Spar and the Wellness Warehouse across the Western Cape.

The concept of a “personal touch” is very important in their brand from each and every product being done by hand, prepared and cooked on-site to all their meals being produced in small batches to ensure the best quality for your family. Every step of production is handled with love, care and the utmost attention to detail in order to produce the perfect home styled meal. Meals that your babies, your kids and your family will love.

Another very personal touch to their brand, which has to be my favourite, is the story behind their brand’s name. So, the story goes that “when Judi was a baby she loved tomatoes but could not pronounce 鈥渢amatie鈥 (Afrikaans for tomato) properly and instead asked our mom to please give her 鈥淯matie鈥.” I just love how it’s such a relatable story. We all at some point in our childhoods had that one word that always managed to escape us. That one word that no matter how much we tried, just never came out right. That one word that our parents still remind us about, that they still bring up at any social gathering or anytime an opportunity arises. That one simple word that would become your lifelong nickname or in this case the perfect name to fit the perfect home styled family business.

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“We source our raw ingredients from local suppliers and our high quality, free-range meat from a reputable family-owned butchery. Our packaging is manufactured by a local company too and we try and support new local brands on our social media. It is always great to support one another.”

Like I always say, it so incredible when you come across a local brand that goes out of its way to support their community on a variety of different platforms. Whether it supports through buying local materials and ingredients, supporting one another by sharing each other’s stories, brands and products or providing a service that is desperately needed by the people around them. Whichever way it is, I just think its so important for us to show this support, to help uplift our community and raise awareness for local companies available.

It was so nice to see the efforts that Umatie has taken to show their own form of support, to see their efforts to create a conscious brand that lives by a standard, an ethical standard. Just like every customer that has a choice, so does every brand have a choice. A choice to adhere to ethical practices, to implement environmentally conscious strategies and to ensure that their ingredients, materials and resources are collected and sourced in a sustainable manner in order to protect our natural environment.
It’s a choice, it’s an admirable choice.

“We source our fresh produce from farmers who adhere to integrated farming or Global G.A.P… All the meat we use is from free-roaming animals not treated with any routine antibiotics. Our chicken is free range and the chickens are free to roam, raised stress-free and are free from growth promoters. Our lamb is from a family-run business with over 20 years鈥 experience. They only source quality lambs from local farmers and they can trace the lamb back to the farmer…”

Please check out below their incredible range of products that are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, created for you and your family:

Perfect Purees
From 6+ months Smooth texture, no bits
Dinky Dinners
From 7+ months Slight texture, mostly smooth
Mighty Munch
From 10+ months Slightly coarse, chunky bits
Bulky Bites
From 12+ months Bite-size, grown-up texture
And last but not least;
Soulful Suppers
For the whole family (Mix and match family meals)

If you would like to find out more about Umatie or get in contact with these incredible women, please head over to their website below: Umatie

Until Next Time,

Local Finds

Theophilia- Encourage, Empower and Affirm the feminine heart

She is clothed with strength and dignity…
Proverbs 31:25

What does it mean to be female? What makes us unique? Why does society label it a weakness to embrace the qualities that make us female, to embrace our own feminity?

There is nothing weak about being female. It takes strength, it takes power but most of all it takes an incredible amount of intelligence, hard work and perseverance to master the art of being Female.

We are strong because we care, because we show empathy. We are strong in our sense of resilience, in our ability to persevere. We are strong in our abilities to care for those around us, to show love and to continue to show love in a world that at times can be unkind. We are strong, we are female.

There’s an unspoken strength in our ability to express our vulnerability, to know our fears, to embrace our faults and to learn from our failures. We have strength in our abilities to conquer life’s obstacles, to know our own intelligence when the world sometimes refuses to recognise it, to know our own abilities when those around us question them. To know and hold true to our values, our beliefs and what we stand for in a world that tries to lead us astray. We are strong, We are female.

There’s a beauty in our uniqueness, in our diversity. There’s a beauty in embracing the aspects of oneself that makes us female, that makes us a modern woman in a modern society. We are strong, we are female.

Theophilia has created a brand that draws it’s strength, creativity and inspiration from these qualities. The qualities that make each woman a leader in society. A strong, a resilient but most importantly an empowering figure in our communities.聽 They are a local based clothing brand with a passion for creating “beautiful garments that speak to the femininity and strength of its wearer”.

Their incredible brand is also committed to producing a fashion line that reflects their integrity, their beliefs and their philosophies as a company. A brand that works to create garments that encompass the true essence of a sustainable and ethical fashion line, practices that are enforced throughout every step of their manufacturing process. “Our love for clothing women in fine pieces is what drives the brand to offer garments of exceptional quality, practice a 鈥榮low-fashion鈥 approach that is kind to the environment and conducts itself in an honourable manner…”

“We design capsule collections centered around a theme or scripture and hope that with every garment sold, the message, encouragement and truth that is shared with the garment is carried through to the beautiful woman wearing it. It is our goal to empower, encourage and affirm the feminine heart in all its wonder and complexities.”

We all have our own way of impacting the world around us. Some of us use our voices, some of us use our written words and then some of us use our hands, our talents and skills to show the world what we think. Take, for instance, myself, I’m what you would call a “socially awkward” human. I’ve for the longest time suffered from debilitating social anxiety. However, I’ve always enjoyed discussing current or historical topics, in my own way. Even at school, my favourite subject used to be History. I just enjoyed learning about different cultures and events that ultimately have worked to shape our world as we know it. There was just something about writing argumentative essays that I found so incredibly addictive. I think that this activity and process taught me an invaluable skill and method to share my views without having to be a loud and out there type of person. To let people know what I think or feel, in a way that I find comfortable and enjoyable.

So after chatting with Demi from Theophilia, I learnt that she too had discovered her own way to share her beliefs and ideas with those around her. To share and impact the lives of woman in our community through her clothing and what her brand stood for. “What inspired me to start it was my need to have some form of impact in the lives of the women around me. I wanted to encourage, affirm and empower them to be all that they were created to be.” Demi wanted to use her talents to be a changing force in our community. She knew that the fashion industry could often at times be negative towards the female body image, could often be the route behind poor self-esteem and low confidence of the woman in our society. She wanted to create her own unique line that worked to build woman up, to embrace their strengths and individuality rather than conform to societies ill-conceived standards. “It seemed like the perfect combination to use my brand as a platform to share a message of encouragement, hope and love.”

Throughout her clothing collection, many of her garments hold a unique message that is carried through them. Messages that hold true to her beliefs and the values that her brand has built themselves around. Messages such as “Clothed in Gladness”, “Joy”, “Chosen” and “For a time such as this”. Each and every one of these messages is carefully chosen to empower and uplift those who wear them.

“Our embroidered tees are meant to be conversation starters and used to enc颅颅颅ourage empower and affirm.”

Theophilia is a beautiful Greek name, often given to girls, which means “Loved by God”. Demi mentioned that she had come across this name and fell in love with not only the meaning of it but also the incredible connection that she felt every person had with it. “I think whether we like to admit it or not we all want to know love and know that we are loved by someone and in some way.”

鈥淕od is within her, she will not fall.鈥澛
Psalm 46:5

This beautiful scripture has become the inspiring motto that Theophilia works by. It has become their message of strength, a message Demi wanted to share with her customers. To share that God loves unconditionally, that he is with us and in our everyday strengths. “Psalm 46:5 is my personal favourite scripture and encourages me to go after the good things my heart desires to achieve, to pursue it, work hard at it and not be scared off by hardship or failure because I have the assurance that if God is it in, it will be a success.”

It is her beliefs that guide Demi, that inspires her to empower those around her, to encourage and support the woman who not only wear her garments but also those who help create behind the scenes of Theophilia. It is her unwavering source of strength and commitment that has allowed her to create a brand that is in its own way manufactures a vital change in our community, an opportunity for empowerment and growth amongst woman.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Theophilia for sending me through their Leah Co-ord set in linen (Sky blue), which is also available in stripes 馃檪

I love love love this set, it’s was just such a fun (quirky) and versatile garment set. Each item was so easy to combine with items from my wardrobe to create a whole collection of everyday looks, they could easily be dressed up or dressed down completely depending on the look you were trying to create. I just absolutely loved the fun vintage feel that they had. I loved how light and free the material felt and how easy it was to mix and match each individual piece or even play up the set as a whole.

Let me know what you think of the looks that I created and what ideas you have for playing with this set.

Until next time,


Local Finds

Local Finds- 5 May 2018

Happy Saturday to everyone out there and welcome to our first Local Finds feature on Poppy Locket Blog. This feature will be a regular Saturday event, a place where I can share all the fascinating brands that I’ve come across lately. A place to share, interact and show support to our local community.

-Shout Outs-

-The Fat Whale-


I would like to give a special shoutout this afternoon to a local gift boutique in Ballito, The Fat Whale. As I’ve mentioned before I absolutely love coming across stores that work to support local brands that are around them and from all corners of South Africa. Which is why I was so excited to share The Fat Whale with you. They offer a beautiful curated collection of gifts and home decor items that are locally crafted as well as a few imported gems just for you.

“We’re inspired by our fellow South African’s. We love to give you a platform to show the world what you can imagine, design & create. Our aim is to tastefully combine both locally made and imported products.”

They offer a little something special for everyone, every age and every type of person. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, the perfect decor item, something for your kitchen or something special (and made locally) for your kid. The Fat whale has you covered.

You can now even view all their items that are available (before going to their store) by checking out their online website. SO if you would like to find out more about the brands they offer, the items that they stock or if you’re just curious like me, head over to their site and take a quick peak.

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Who says that kids can’t be fashionable. Who says that costumes have to be boring. Well, that’s one thing that Kleintjies would never say.

Kleintjies offers a gorgeous selection of specially made swimwear for babies and toddlers. A swimwear collection that truly captures their spirit for adventure, their happiness and excitement.

Kleintjies is handmade in South Africa, offering you a beautiful variety of local cozzies made for your special little human. A little something for the boys, a little something for the girls, a little something special to capture their unique personalities.

Their cozzies are made to be chlorine resistant and have a UPF of 50 plus to help keep your little ones safe while they have fun in the sun. To find out more about their incredible range please head over to either their Facebook page or their Instagram account.


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City Girl Beauty


So a little while ago I was sent the most beautiful package from City Girl Beauty to try out and review for you guys- I actually did a whole unveiling video on Instagram, which you can check out below, if you are interested 馃檪

This week I’m going to review a few of her products (not all of them yet), the ones that I thought would be great for a “Get my body ready for winter” vibe. And so I decided to review the two delicious body scrubs, as well as her absolutely divine avo body cream (which FYI will be featured in one of our upcoming Poppy Boxes).

So… just before we begin here’s a quick look at my unveiling video that was posted on Instagram a little while ago:

So where do I begin… well as a “girl” living in Gauteng, you can always expect a dry cold winter that does it’s absolute best to leave your skin feeling dry, flaky and sore. Which can be quite annoying. Especially when you’re already feeling a little sorry for yourself after having to leave the warm safe confines of your cosy bed, to venture into the cold unknown and face the world once again. Which is why I would like to share the amazing products that I was given by City Girl Beauty. Products that I think are a must have, for a sweeter winter this year.

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Sugar Body Scrubs:

Can we please just take a quick second to truly appreciate the gorgeous designs on her packaging- each one is unique and utterly beautiful. I just loved the extra element is added to her products, it really made the whole experience of using her items so special.

So, these were one of my absolute favourites in the package that I received.
I was sent one of her Quince me now (yellow packaging) and one of her Flower power (purple packaging) sugar body scrubs. Which were each yummy and divine in their own unique ways.

Quince Me Now: So if you’re like me and love a little something sweet and fruity, then this sugar scrub is just the right treatment for you. It’s made from a yummy concoction of Quince and Soya milk that creates this creamy sugary sweet scrub, a perfect way to end cropped-blog-image.jpgoff a long winters day.
I found this product to be super easy to use, it wasn’t too rough on the skin and left you feeling super-nourished, moisturised and silky soft. I also loved the packaging which was used. I found it to be very easy to store away if you wanted to, keep clean and sticky-free or simply just seal up and leave in the shower (very slimline design).

Flower Power: So the flower power scrub had more of a subtle clean scent with gentle floral notes. It’s not overpowering at all. This sugar scrub is definitely for someone who loves a more simple scent that is both calming and fresh.
What makes this scrub special is that it’s enriched with almond and avocado oil that both work to leave your skin feeling smooth and super hydrated, which is perfect for the winter time. I really loved using this scrub as well, it worked perfectly to exfoliate my skin and I found that the oils in the scrub left my skin unbelievably soft and silky smooth.

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Then, we have the perfect finish for your wintery soft skin. A delicious “multipurpose avocado face and body lotion”, ready for your all winter needs. This divine concoction is called All You’ve Avo Wanted and it’s 100% locally made, 100% natural as well as cruelty-free. Does it honestly get any better than this 馃檪

I’ve been using this lotion every day for the past few weeks in the mornings just before heading out for the day. I actually found this lotion to be the perfect daytime cream as it soaked in easily, the yummy “sweet but fresh” scent also seemed to last quite a while after applying it, which for me is always a win-win situation. I also loved how soft it left my skin without making it feel oily in any way. And lastly, it comes at an amazing price on her site- definitely something not to be missed out on.

So please do yourself a huge favour and check out her store online.

Dr Tom’s Kombucha

Hi there, my name is Jacci

I was so excited to be asked by Taryn to try out the Dr Tom’s Kombucha teas. I have heard so much about the health benefits of them, they’re filled with anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. If the ancient chinese called them the elixir of youth – who am I to disagree – and we can all do with some of that!!!
So, I set out to try them. Just to mention, I was feeling the need to go on a course of probiotics at the time, so this was such a blessing. I tried them for about three weeks and the results were quite amazing. Note, I drank a small glass of the tea each morning before breakfast. Within a few days, I was feeling the difference, my acidity issues cleared up, my stomach health was visibly better. That heavy bloated feeling was gone after about a week.
My favourite flavour was the ginger flavoured drink, followed by the cranberry and the coffee.

-A big Thank you-

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I would like to say a huge thank you to Simply Boho who sent through a beautiful selection of their Jewellery to me to tryout and share with you guys.

Simply Boho is a local brand here in South Africa that offers a beautiful range of fashion and Jewellery with a unique boho twist. Made for the modern South African girl. Whether you love a touch of floral, a lace trim, somthing silver or a little something gold, Simply Boho has something special just for you.

Their pieces embrace the best aspects of the boho vibe. They embrace a free-spirited approach to create a relaxed look that still perfectly encompases the right amount of a girly touch. A touch of floral, a touch frills, a simple but beautiful touch silver and gold.

“The clothing of the Romany people (who originated in India and settled in Bohemia, hence the name) has inspired Simply Boho to create an online boutique that showcases these stunning, exotic garments and jewellery items, so we can share them with others who, like us, adore vintage Boho designs. We sourced our collections from those whom we believe share our passion to deliver a combination of beauty and quality 鈥 all at astonishingly affordable prices!”

Please head over to their new website to find out more.

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Deer Design- Community Inspired

As South Africans, we are spoilt by an abundance of local resources, skills and workmanship. There’s a never-ending supply of raw talent and craftsmanship that surrounds us, coming from every corner of our beautiful nation. Whether it’s members of your local community who have worked hard to create products that truly represent their skills, talent and passion or a local NGO that provides an indispensable work opportunity for disadvantaged families in our community – an opportunity to create, to empower and uplift. Every one of these brands, products and entrepreneurs has a story to tell, has a talent share, has a real-life dream to achieve. A dream that is powered by their passions, their commitment and hard work.

Sometimes we forget that there’s a face behind the products we buy and the brands that we choose to support (whether intentional or not). With our country being flooded with imported products, foreign brands and companies it’s quite easy to see how shopping has become a faceless and impersonal process. A process where we blindly intrust and give away our money to brands that we don’t truly know, brands that outsource their customer interactions and ultimately brands that devalue our hard work by selling products with high prices but little to no quality control. This was one of the big pulls, for me, to buy local. To buy from a brand that has a face behind it. A person that works hard to create quality products that showcase their talents, their passions and skills. A product that shows support for local companies and members of our communities.

For many of us, trying to buy local can seem a little daunting. Where do we find quality local brands? How accessible are these products? Are their brands available in my area or community? Which is why I was so excited to have come across Deer Design. Deer Design is an incredible gift store based in Johannesburg that has created a platform for local (proudly South African) products and brands. “South Africa is my home country and a place that I love and see beauty in every day. I often felt that the talent here was lost with importing. Deer Design would be a platform where entrepreneurs could bring their work to life and showcase their talents”.聽

Every brand in their store is carefully handpicked to not only ensure the utmost quality of their products but also to select the perfect items that will showcase “the power and skills the designers have“.

“As a proudly South African store, everything we choose is done by sharing the passion that these artists hold and using it to create a deeper love for the South Africa we live in. We love to embark on community development projects… also help entrepreneurs grow and develop by having a place to demonstrate the skills they have”.

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It is always wonderful as an entrepreneur to feel that one is contributing towards a better society and trying to make a difference in other people鈥檚 lives”. Deer Design has created a platform for growth, support and exposure. Something that has proven to be a crucial tool to local brands in South Africa. But their efforts don’t stop there. Deer Design has also prided themselves on supporting brands that enforce ethical, sustainable, environmentally conscious, as well as cruelty-free practices. Especially brands that don’t just offer a local product but also contribute to the upliftment of their community and environment. As South Africans and the core to our nation’s community, buying locally has created an incredible opportunity to support one another, to ensure our markets are exposed to unique quality items that address our individual needs, our communities needs and our environmental needs.

At the heart of Deer Design is a passion to fully support South African creatives in every way possible. From the point where materials are sourced, produced to the final designing of the products. Every care is taken to ensure that the brands showcased by Deer Design embrace fair trade, respect their employees and their rights and ultimately work to empower and uplift the lives of their workers, wherever possible. “Upskilling (improving the skills of workers, usually through training, so that they will be better at their jobs) is a huge element in our business and many of the entrepreneurs we support have invested time and passion to make sure this happens”.聽

For Deer Design it is about creating a true sense of community, a truly South African community. A place where people support people. Where customers can engage with the brands and learn about their backgrounds, their passions and their reasons for creating. It’s about creating a platform for support from start to finish, a place where the little guy is not forgotten or taken advantage of. It’s about creating and enforcing the trust between the consumers and the brands they purchase from. A trust that has slowly been eroded over time due to our the modern mass-produced markets. Ultimately, it’s about creating a shopping platform that encourages and supports the wants and needs of its local community.

“I love what I do, I feel passionate when people enjoy walking into my store and seeing the wonderful talents South Africa produces. Everything we do is supporting local, from choosing our 100% South African brands, meeting all these incredible designers, traveling to different parts of South Africa to explore opportunities and giving the artists the opportunity to showcase their incredible potential. I feel that we are a local community in everything we do, we have teamed with different designers and entrepreneurs, and have come together to聽make a statement聽of who we are and what we as South Africans can do”.

“I feel that we are a local community in everything we do, we have teamed with different designers and entrepreneurs, and have come together to聽make a statement聽of who we are and what we as South Africans can do”.

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“South Africans聽feel passionate about聽local products – We feel聽encouraged聽to support our country and the development of our people”.

So if you ever find yourself in Johannesburg please do yourself a huge favour and check out their beautiful store. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. I mean how can you when they stock an incredible collection of over 30 different local and proudly South African designers such as:

  • Alovesupreme
  • Carole Nevin
  • Jodi Deerling
  • Major John
  • Mies
  • Mungo
  • Nina Bosch
  • Owami
  • Pichulik
  • Purely Porcelain
  • Sexy Socks
  • Simon and Mary
  • Skermunkil
  • WaddleOn Socks

I am so happy that I had this amazing opportunity to share their story with you. Deer Design is truly a brand that embraces every aspect that I believe in and I just think that their store has created such an amazing opportunity for local brands around us. I can not wait to see what new adventures they have in store for us.

If you would like to checkout some of their products, you can head over to their Instagram account or have a quick look at their FaceBook page

Until Next time,



Sunbird Rooibos- A uniquely South African Taste

There’s always something cathartic, peaceful and calming about brewing tea the right way. In its own unique way it becomes a special escape from the world, a private moment during a hectic day or a little something special to look forward to.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but there’s always something about the routine that draws me in. That takes me to my own little happy place, a world made perfectly just for me.聽 There’s something about the routine, something that I love deeply. From the process of selecting the right tea, the right taste and the perfect blend. To making sure that your teacup is perfectly warmed to the right temperature, to the peaceful and hypnotic process of watching the tea as it steeps. As it slowly starts to escape the safe confines of its filter. As it moves slowly through the clear and untouched water, leaving behind a beautiful terracotta stain in its path. It’s just a truly beautiful process.

A beautiful process deserving of a truly beautiful and uniquely South African tea. Which is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Sunbird Rooibos. This incredible local brand offers a delicious selection of single- origin and organic Rooibos tea from the Cederberg Mountains.

Sunbird Rooibos has created a brand that truly appreciates the unique, earthy tastes of our countries beautiful landscapes. What do I mean by this? Well, each of their individual single- origins teas are uniquely influenced and flavoured by the distinct climate, soil and biodiversity of the landscape where it’s grown. There’s no blending, no flavours added to influence it- just pure Rooibos created and influenced by nature.

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So where did it all begin…

Well, this story all started with Anton Louw. Anton grew up on a wine farm in the Western Cape. This gave him an incredible opportunity to fully immerse himself in the beautiful nature, landscapes and scenery that the Western Cape had to offer. From an early age, he found himself investigating the rich biodiversity of the Cape. From the tip of their beautiful mountains to the bottom of the sea, every inch offered an exciting opportunity to investigate and discover the intricate details that these fascinating and biodiverse places had to offer.

Anton eventually went on to dabble in the art of winemaking, where he was exposed to the world of aromas and flavours. It was here where he learnt the important knowledge and the finer details that are involved with these concepts. Concepts that would later play an important role in the direction that Sunbird Rooibos would take. It was actually during this time abroad in Nepal, where Anton lived with his wife Laura,聽 that he first immersed himself into the intricate world of tea.

Influenced by the traditions and processing of tea in Nepal, Anton was inspired to not only change career paths but also to change the way that South Africa looked at growing Rooibos tea. A way that would be influenced by his life experiences, lessons and worldly adventures. “Having drunk Rooibos since being a baby, his love for Rooibos and the natural world would go onto form the basis of the Sunbird ethos”.

Locally grown, locally drunk, internationally known.

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Sunbird Rooibos is all about embracing the natural Terroir where their Rooibos is grown.聽 It’s about using the natural environment to flavour, influence and enrich the tatses and aromas of their selection. It’s about letting the Rooibos speak for itself. It’s about working to achieve a product that does not require additional flavouring or blending- just pure Rooibos.

Terroir refers to the way that all the natural features found in a body of land , where the Rooibos is grown, interact with one another to influence and create a unique (to that particular body of land) set of conditions. Conditions that will ultimately effect the specific characteristics that the Rooibos grown will have. These elements start from the type of soil present, the climate of the area, the geology, altitude to the topography of the landscape. Each working together to create the incredible flavour selection that Sunbird Rooibos offers. Each and every one of their single- origin teas truly represent their suppliers unique terroir and ultimately represent the beautiful flavours of our land.

This incredible concept came from Anton’s work in winemaking. He was influenced by the way in which the wines created were effected by the surrounding nature. How, in a way, the flavours and aromas achieved paid homage to land around them.

Their core principals are also inspired by the concept of sustainability and ethical practices. A concept that Sunbird Rooibos has worked hard to achieve. “All our producers are certified organic or practice natural growing methods”.聽


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I hope that you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until we meet again,


脺ber Flavour- A taste of South Africa

I love coming across businesses that believe in transparency, that believe in knowing their customers and having their customers know them, every little detail, blemish and bump. I love businesses that see the customer at the heart of their brand, their motivations and their visions. Businesses that see their community as their way forward, their strength and their inspiration. Businesses that know how to connect and form long-lasting relationships, that matter.

For me, these qualities perfectly describe the impression we got from our meetings with 脺ber flavour and getting to see the faces behind the brand, hearing their stories and the visions they have for the future.

脺ber Flavour has created their own no-nonsense, what you see is what you get approach towards their community. An approach that lets the customer know exactly what they’re buying, what they’re putting into their bodies and ultimately encourages their customers to make an informed choice. A choice that they can feel confident in making. 脺ber Flavour is all about creating a great locally made drink that is refreshing both in flavour and concept. A drink that proudly showcases it’s South African roots and flavour inspirations. A drink that stays true to its ingredients,聽 its flavours and unique style of brewing. A drink that contains no-nonsense, no additives- just the good stuff.

“Definitely a brewed, crafted ice tea which commands a premium price as a niche market purchase.”

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So how did it all begin…
Well, the story all starts with a guy named Paul. Paul was a guy with a dream, an idea and the desire to make a change in the lifestyles of his family and those around him. A dynamic, an excited and passionate entrepreneur ready to face a new challenge in South Africa.

After becoming a proud father, Paul started looking to create a healthier lifestyle and environment for his kids. He turned his attention to an issue that many parents face, trying to find healthy drinks available for his kids. Drinks that didn’t contain a ridiculous amount of sugar or were packed to the brim with tons of chemicals that none of us knows how to pronounce or even spell in our Google search bars. So after visiting Stuttgart where he was inspired by their available rooibos ice teas, he was like “LIGHTBULB” moment, this is something we need- and so 脺ber Flavour was born.

Taking inspiration from the intricate and refined methods used by Japanese tea connoisseurs, 脺ber Flavour brought a new and exciting concept to South Africa. Like the Japanese, 脺ber Flavour creates their delicious (unique) flavours through brewing their teas with natural ingredients- zero artificial flavours. “Uber Flavour Brew is made with Rooibos grown north of Cape Town and the natural flavours are added during the brewing process.” Each step is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring great quality and even better taste- a drink that truly celebrates its natural ingredients.

They were also deeply inspired by the Japanese term “Umami” in creating their brand and flavour choices. “Umami” is the key concept at the core of 脺ber flavour, it’s a concept that explores the idea of a fifth taste sensation. A taste sensation that is not sweet, not salty, not sour nor is it bitter. It’s a taste that was concidered not from Earth. A taste that tea masters could only achieve with all-natural ingredients and great patience. “脺ber Flavour is made the same way 鈥 infused with Rooibos 鈥 to produce an ancient tea with an African soul.”

100% Natural Craft Ice Tea”

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Carefully brewed, locally sourced and true to its natural flavours, 脺ber flavour is trully a superior drink. A drink that proudly represents their brand in every way possible. Their honest flavours, their attention to detail, their patience and careful work, their homage payed to our beautiful country, even their subtle representation of their worldly influences coming together to produce a brand that South Africans can trully be proud of.

Made from carefully brewed rooibos tea with only natural ingredients added during the brewing process. 脺ber Flavour has created a superior brand of ice tea. An ice tea that is uniquely smooth and contains absolutely no additives – JUST a refreshed palate. Their brand has “an alchemy of tastes that are a little left of centre, a little 鈥榰mami鈥 and surprisingly natural.” A taste sensation that you cannot afford to miss out on.

“No additives, no preservatives, no added sugar and absolutely no caffeine. 馃尡 Just made from the good stuff.”

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There is nothing better than a tall cold glass of ice tea on a hot South African day. The perfect way to refresh, cool down and quench your thirst.

I really hope that you enjoyed by story about 脺ber Flavour because I really enjoyed putting this together for you.
Until next time, xoxo


African Extracts- The beauty of Nature

Being a smart, conscious and an informed shopper, well, this is a topic that I’ve chatted about so often. It’s something that I hold dear, that I believe in and that I try to live out in each and every decision that I make. For me, it’s an important learning curve. One that should be taken seriously not only by us, the consumers, but also by those who produce and provide the products that we use on a daily basis.

And I mean, why shouldn’t it be something that is taken seriously. As the consumers in society, why shouldn’t we be allowed to ask the important questions.
“Does this item support local trade?” “What are their views on sustainable resources?”
“What efforts are matgde to ensure ethical productions?” “Does the company support cruelty free practices?”
Why shouldn’t consumers be able to ensure that the products they support, support their principals and beliefs in return. It’s about knowing the facts, having the opportunity to make an informed and educated choice. It’s about making a choice you can be happy with.

So, for me, embracing the “cruelty free” movement is something that I try my best to support, in every way possible. To try educate myself with regards to brands that I support, endorse and encourage others to use. To fact check, to ask the questions that matter to me but most of all, to check that my own personal actions support my own personal principals. So, when I discovered that one of our local brands, African Extracts Rooibos Skincare, was behind an incredible campaign to show support and create awareness amoungst South African consumers about the organisation, Beauty without Cruelty, I had to share聽 their Classic Cares Campaign with you guys.

Beauty Without Cruelty, is an animal rights organisation with a primary objective to educate and inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane,聽 non-animal alternatives to replace cruel and harmful lifestyle choices.”

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Let us unite, let us come together, let us be apart of the change and say NO to animal testing. Beauty should not come at the cost of cruelty. Cruelty towards those that cannot defend themselves.

African Extracts Rooibos skincare has worked hard to establish themselves as a brand that enforces cruelty free and ethical practices. A brand that strives to provide their customers with quality products that are both sourced and produced locally, as well as, products that customers can be assured utilizes alternative (cruelty free) scientific testing methods to maintain high standards that they, as a local company, can be proud of.

In support of the local animal right’s organisation, Beauty Without Cruelty, African Extracts Rooibos Skincare is running an exciting campaign, Classic Cares. A campaign that hopes to create awareness across South Africa for the use of alternative (cruelty free) testing methods, the ability of local brands to produce safe, effective products without the use of animal testing, as well as, highlight this incredible organisations聽 efforts to change the countries ruling on animal testing in our beauty industries. “Beauty Without Cruelty, is supporting a proposed law to ban animal tests for cosmetics and skin care products in South Africa, and to prevent the sale of products or ingredients that have been tested on animals here.”

Over the next month, until the 30th of April,聽R1 for every Classic range product from African Extracts that is sold聽will be donated to Beauty Without Cruelty in order to support their incredible work in our society. But the excitement doesn’t end there. Every customer can also stand the chance to win a “fabulous weekend away, inclusive of travel, for two to the luxury five-star Bushmans Kloof lodge in the heart of the Cederberg.”

To enter and be apart of the Classic Cares Campaign:
“Buy any African Extracts Rooibos Classic range product, displaying the 鈥淐lassic Cares鈥 sticker, find the unique code printed on the back of the sticker and SMS this code to 33076 to stand a chance of winning. There are also 20 skin-care hampers worth R500 each to be won.”

”聽We are proud to support the organisation in their efforts to raise awareness about the cruelty involved in animal testing.”

African Extracts, which is an incredible brand based out of Cape Town, offers a beautiful range of rooibos based skin care products carefully created to address your skins everyday needs and desires 馃檪 Each product in their range is inspired by the healing, purifying and cleansing properties of nature. Perfectly created to enhance your natural beauty.

They offer products specially suited and designed for every skin type and need. Whether you want to reverse the natural signs of aging, provide a soothing and calming collection of products for your everyday beauty routine or simple find a range that suites your vegetarian lifestyle, African Extracts has you covered.

“In line with our promise of ‘skin care inspired by nature’, our products are not tested on animals, and do not contain parabens or plastic microbeads that are harmful to our oceans and rivers. All are vegetarian and the majority are suitable for vegans, too. Look for the vegan symbol next to each product on the website. We are proud to be endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.”

鈥淎uthentic, effective, affordable, products that combine the science of contemporary skincare with the proven efficacy of natural plant extracts

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So, I was sent some beautiful products from their Classic Range to test out over the course of this campaign 馃檪 Which, I am so excited to share how this experience went- just a little hint, I got an exciting guest to help me test out and review their range for my African Extract full- review series. My full-review series will be up on Instagram later this month, so please keep your eyes open for more updates on Instagram.

Just an idea of what you can expect in our review series. So in the hamper that I was sent from African Extracts, I received the soothing cleansing lotion, the oil- free eye make-up remover (which I was so excited about), cleansing facial wipes, the deep cleansing facial wash, exfoliating facial scrub as well as their refreshing toner, day and night cream. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I was for this opportunity. Which is why, I am so excited about the review series I have planned for you guys, involving a very very special guest that I have been working with 馃檪 Trust me, this is a review not to be missed.

I hope that you will enjoy,
Until next time, xoxo





I am a Lady- I am strong, I am Beautiful

I am a lady.
I am the strength.
I am the power.
I am my own today, I am my own tomorrow.
I am the vision for the future.
I am the change in the past.
I am unique.
I am beautiful.
I am a Lady.

We are surrounded聽every day by powerful woman who’ve聽influenced聽every aspect of our lives. Woman who’ve changed the past. Woman who will influence our futures. But most of all, woman who’ve laid a solid foundation for support and will continue to build the framework to聽our聽success. These are the everyday powerful woman in our聽lives. These are our mothers, these are our friends, our educators and our sisters, our Grandmothers and daughters. These are our pasts and these are our futures.

I am a Lady聽聽embraces the differences in each and聽every woman, embraces the unique stories that have shaped every woman’s聽life. Sisterhood, unity and support form the essence of this incredible organisation. 鈥淚 am a Lady鈥 stands for: For the beautiful inconsistencies and contrasting elements that connects us as women. For the unending journey to discover who we are as individuals and as a community. For the ever-changing mentalities of being a 鈥渓ady鈥 entails. For the roller-coaster of ups and downs in life, that connects us as strangers. 鈥淚 am a Lady鈥 became somewhat of a war cry for us.

“I am a Lady” was created as a reminder to every woman that she is not alone. That she has never been alone nor will she ever be alone. That she is apart of a supportive community, both young and old. It is a reminder that we are all apart of this world, we are all human, we all need support, we all need help every now and them. It’s a reminder that we share so many things in life, so many struggles, successes and dreams. It’s a way to honour each other through our interactions, our behaviours and our relationships formed. Thus, we hope that 鈥淚 am a Lady鈥 will become a platform for a community of women to share their stories, ideas, hardships and dreams.

When we listen to each other, we realise that we all have unwritten stories, unheard cries and silent laughter.

“I am a Lady” was born out of the dream of two sisters. Two sisters that were different in every way but still united in their fight for woman empowerment and unity across South Africa. Carmen and Je-anne have learnt over the years how their differences, uniqueness and individuality has made them a powerhouse team, an unbreakable sister bond. But most of all it has formed a partnership that is constantly made stronger by its individual components, by each sister’s strengths, stories of successes and failures but most of all it is made stronger through love, understanding and commitment to each other and their dreams.

“As polar opposites, we are two sisters who definitely represent the Yin and Yang of society. Yet whilst having contradicting passions, ideals and goals, we exist as an inseparable team. We learnt how these qualities make us stronger when we are together and fill each other where we have limitations.”

Through late nights and countless hours of hard work, the vision for “I am a Lady” was formed.聽We had to work with our ideas, put our heads together, differ from each other and try time and time again.聽But for these sisters, it was all worth it. It was the start of something bigger, something that would touch the lives of woman all over South Africa. A movement that would unite woman through their diversity, through their differences but ultimately through their beliefs in one another.

“As soon as we formulated our message and our vision, we started talking to various diverse ladies and collecting videos from women who shared what 鈥渂eing a lady鈥 means to them. We soon realised that ladies shared our dream of enjoying the diversity of definitions.”

Carmen and Je-anne聽discovered that their shared vision provided woman with a platform to encourage and share their inspiring stories of struggle and triumph with one another. It created a way for woman to witness how their lives and stories all link up. How each and every one of us is linked in the greater picture of life.聽We saw that the campaign started a ripple effect of dialogue and encouragement, and we soon saw our growing social media platform as a daily devotion to 鈥渟peaking/inviting life into daily diverse routines鈥. – You can check out these inspiring videos on their Instagram account

“We knocked on every door, in order to get our message out there, and we continue to knock on doors. Every day. We relentlessly believe in our philosophy and our vision to celebrate women in our differences.”

Our lives are more interconnected and dependent than we realise on a day to day basis.

Here’s just an idea of what is install for the #iamalady campaign over the next while. “I am a Lady” will be involved with the future woman of our country. They will be chatting with young ladies in High Schools around South Africa. Discussing topics of insecurities, competitive societal definitions and extreme pressure that faces the youth of our country. They will also be following their inspiring stories of how these young woman manage on a daily basis to rise above these extenuating circumstances and to embrace their inner beauty, their uniqueness and stand tall and proud for the world to see.

Lastly, the #Iamalady campaign will also be working with woman from different rural communities. Sharing their stories and giving a voice to their struggles, their strengths, their hopes and their dreams. “I am a lady” has created an environment of unity and support for woman across South Africa. Woman from different backgrounds, different age groups, for woman who live different lives but are still connected and linked to each other.

We will continue to use our war cry to drive us to pursue our dreams and to acknowledge others鈥 dreams. We hope that ladies will continue to connect with us and collaborate with us in unique ways.

This much we know, individually and as a community of ladies:
I am a Lady. I will stand for respect, honour and opportunities to pursue the unlimited capacities in my very being.

Fashion Friday

Her-lief – an art in fixing what is broken

With people becoming more environmentally aware, there is a greater movement towards learning, discovering and applying聽the art of repurposing. People are interested in products that have taken on a new shape, quality and intention. Products that have not simply been discarded after serving their聽original purpose. But instead, have been used to create new meaning and given a second chance.聽For Nicole, the talent and brains behind Her-Lief, this was a challenge聽she needed to take on in her life.

Nicole wanted to incorporate the meaning behind the ancient Japanese practice of Kintsugi into her work. This beautiful art form embraces the belief that broken items are more treasured than their unbroken counterparts. It offers an appreciation for the true beauty of being broken and then skillfully mended. Mended by a person who is talented, passionate and accomplished in their craft. For Nicole, this practice holds many different聽meanings聽in her life. Meanings that inspire her, motivate her and encourage her to create.

In terms of聽her work, Nicole integrated the art of Kintsugi by discovering new and聽exciting聽ways聽to create from items that were once seen as broken. It inspired her to uncover the true beauty in what others saw as waste, to find new meaning in what once seemed mundane聽and insignificant. To showcase to the world how a simple item could be transformed into something special, unique and valuable.

Then in terms of her personal life, Kintsugi holds the most valuable meaning of all. It holds a sense of wonder and appreciation of the human spirit. “Who hasn’t been broken in some way?聽 Only with perspective and time are our聽painful stories聽appreciated for what they were, as they make us more precious in the end.”

“It is this philosophy that I approach with my jewellery.聽 I take the worthless castaways and make them precious again.聽 Only with the right setting are they seen as unique and valuable, and then adorned as jewellery.”

Her-lief comes from the Afrikaans word for “Re-love”. Which is the perfect description for what Nicole has tried to achieve through her work.聽She has created a uniquely beautiful and striking brand that showcases items in a re-thought off, repurposed and re-invented manner. The perfect way to “re-love” something that was once forgotten or discarded.

Nicole’s journey started with her Btech in jewellery design and manufacturing, a graphics design diploma, a certificate in marketing and her Honours in Brand management. Where she then spent a number of years working in the retail environment. An environment that taught her to truly appreciate the value of something. The value that customers place on items around them.

The value that Nicole learnt to place on items changed during her pregnancy of her little daughter. It was during this pregnancy that she came to realise the incredible amount of plastic waste we generate as humans, plastic waste that has little or no value to us. She began to realise just how many plastic items were being used every day, that only had that “once-off” value attached to them. These are items that we use but can’t see how others could ever possibly re-use them. Items that we simply throw away to eventually end up in landfills or even worse floating through our oceans. But our wasteful habits, unfortunately, don’t stop with just plastic. Nicole also began to realise聽how quickly people simply discard products they think are broken, never investigating how they could be re-used or re-invented to serve other purposes.

“…in our consumerist society, we tend to have even less appreciation for something broken – deeming it worthless, unless it has some basic materialistic value.”

Nicole wanted to make a difference, to do her part to inspire and educate those around her. She wanted to use her skills and talents to create beauty from what other thought was waste. And so Her-lief was born.

Nicole believes that everything can be beautiful in some way. “I look at something that is on its way to landing in the bin (whether it be a plastic item or a broken piece of costume jewellery), and challenge myself on how to make it look good.”聽

She’s created a beautiful range of jewellery that found its beginnings in a variety of recycled items including plastic lids, strapping tape, elastic bands to even broken toys, the list is endless. Each item makes for a uniquely beautiful piece of jewellery聽that’s always accompanied by a rewarding learning experience from the start to finish. From the daily challenges of designing how each item will be transformed to learning how to work with these different and unusual materials, that can behave in unusual and different ways.

“The idea is not to become a聽recycling聽plant, but my jewellery is meant to make people think a bit about what they buy and use.聽 Now, when I go shopping, I actually look at the parts of whatever I’m buying, to see what can be recycled and reused.聽If it makes someone think twice before just dumping something in the bin, I feel like I’ve achieved tons!聽 In this way, I hope that it inspires an out-of-the-box thinking in other ways, which will, in turn, open other areas of possibility and new ventures.”

Just an idea of beautiful treasures you can find at Her-lief聽:

  • Rubi Dot (@rubi_dot):
    Is fun, playful and bubbly, with lots of bright colours and bold styles.聽This range is mostly made from silver and resin, with lots of recycled and repurposed plastics (mostly plastic bottles, bottle caps, etc).聽 Items include earrings, rings and pendants.
  • Rubi Curi (@rubi_curi):
    Is classic, and elegant, while still fresh and original. This range is made from silver, with plastics meticulously hand packed or marbled together – which gives it a gem-like quality.聽 This line only has pendants at the moment.

  • Ol鈥橞ee (@ol_bee_jewellery):
    Is a fresh approach to discarded junk jewellery. The range uses lots of brass, copper and silver. Overall many of the pieces have a romantic undertone, but some pieces are a bit more oddball than others – such is the nature of such a 鈥榙ifferent鈥 medium.Pieces include rings, earrings, pendants.

To place an order please聽DM Nicole on the following platforms:
Facebook聽or Instagram

I really hope that you enjoyed reading about Her-Lief.
Until next time, xoxo


G眉dco- the G眉dsheet

This past year has just been such an incredible eye-opening聽experience and it truly has been an honour to share every step of the way with you. I started Poppy Locket with the aim of discovering new local brands that are not only providing a service or product but are actually working towards the good of the community and the environment聽around them. Which is why I’ve been so excited to share G眉dco with you.

There are so many aspects to this company that just blew my mind in so many ways. They’ve created a聽brand that works for “the Good” of everyone and everything around them, in every step of their production. They’re all about creating awareness for both social and environmental聽needs and necessities聽in our Country. “G眉dco is a socially and environmentally conscious company that relies on good quality products that do good for South Africa and its people.”聽

G眉dco has created an opportunity for the public to “do good” on so many different levels through simply purchasing an everyday necessity, toilet paper. Their unique brand of toilet paper offers an environmentally聽friendly and eco-conscious alternative to what South Africans have had available to them. A toilet paper that works to create change and provide vital improvements in the lives of so many adults and children in underprivileged communities.

They live by the motto of creating products that are “Doing Goods”. Creating items that have multiple purposes. Products that actually聽“do” work for the community and the people around them. A product that will create awareness and change- more than just a simple item. Their goods聽actually do good!!!

-We believe that we must respect and care for all people and be a positive force within our community-

After years of working in a variety of South African Ad agencies, Ruan AJ Coetzee the brains behind聽G眉dco, discovered that there was something missing in his life. He was missing his unique reason to get up in the morning. His reason that would ultimately make a huge change, not only in his life but in those around him.

聽“I am grateful to have won a couple of awards during my career, but I soon realised that something was missing. I wanted to make make a difference, instead of profit.”

Ruan’s passion for involving his talents in projects that use creativity as a tool for social good, provided the perfect drive for him. A drive to create an everyday product, with an important difference. A life-changing difference for so many underprivileged people in our communities. And so聽G眉dco was born- providing the forest-friendly toilet paper that builds toilets for our communities in need.

“G眉dco products provide an easy and convenient way for the consumer to help, whilst purchasing a commodity they need.”

They’ve worked hard to create a brand that makes everyday goods, for the everyday people, that create an opportunity to give back to the areas in need. A brand that allows South Africans to consciously help change South Africa, for the good.

-We check and challenge our suppliers to embrace our principles with regard to theirs. G眉dco will continue to partner with like-minded organisations that also focus on being a powerful force for nurturing the well-being of others-

Did you know that human beings flush approximately 27 000 trees a day?
I don’t know about you, but I think that is a shocking number. When I first read this from the information Ruan gave me, I honestly could not believe it. 27 000 is a scary number to try wrap your head around, especially if you consider the number of natural resources, the amount of time and energy that is required to satisfy this number. It is truly a scary thought- toilet paper is something that most of us take no notice of using or consideration on how much we use a day.

It is our choices today, our conscious aware choices that will affect the lives of our future generations. Affect what they will have available and what opportunities they can have access to. “Together we can help protect our environment and preserve our natural resources for future generations.”

The G眉dsheet by G眉dco was created to be a sustainable alternative to our readily available toilet paper in South Africa. Made without the use of any chlorine, acid, inks, scents or “weird” perfumes and only bleached using an elemental chlorine free (ECF) process, the G眉dsheet provides a TP that is both good for you and the environment.

This unique (sustainable) toilet paper is made from an incredible, durable and renewable resource, the mighty Sugarcane. G眉dco utilises a by-product of the sugar industry, bagasse, to produce their G眉dsheet. This dry, fibrous residue which is usually dumped or burned after sugar production is an incredibly versatile eco-friendly and renewable raw material- that works perfectly for the production of high-quality TP. Not to mention that it is 100% biodegradable!!!

“Our rolls are made from 60% sugar cane fibre and 40% FSC approved wood pulp to ensure sustainable afforestation. This hybrid blend of sustainable fibres give each 2-ply sheet its silk-like softness, and no-nonsense strength you’d expect from a premium TP brand.”

G眉dco is not only passionate about protecting the environment around us, they are also driven by their desire to help those in need. After realising that millions of South Africans still (today) don’t have access to functioning toilets in their communities. Ruan decided that he needed to make every effort through聽G眉dco to help improve the living conditions of these South Africans.聽

“Poor sanitation is the main cause of diarrhoea-related diseases that kill hundreds of people every day. It’s also a leading contributor to endemic poverty, which is a major drag on the economic growth of our country.”

For every box of聽G眉dsheet Toilet Paper sold,聽G眉dco donates R36.00 to The G眉dfoundation. This foundation started in 2017 (in the Eastern Cape) uses all the money raised to build toilets for underprivileged schools & cr猫ches in need.聽“I believe that sanitation, water security, environmental and social sustainability are everyone鈥檚 responsibility and that we can end this problem by means of consumer-driven philanthropy.”

I think that聽G眉dco’s initiative is so important to our society. Toilets and access to clean facilities are things that most of us take for grantage every day. That most of us don’t even give a second thought to. I just love that they have created this incredible opportunity for each of us to do our part through simply purchasing something that we use every day and need every day.聽

If you would like to get your hands on some of these聽G眉dsheets, you can purchase them from Faithful to Nature, Nude Foods as well as Shop Zero.聽

“Why toilets?
Because they provide dignity, health and an improved quality of life.”

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing about them.
Until next time


Ganico- Welcome to Paradise

Nobody starts off with knowing聽everything. It’s the trials and errors that teach us our greatest life lessons. As humans, we are exceptionally inquisitive beings, we learn new things every day. We learn through trying, through making mistakes and through experimenting with what we know and sometimes what we don’t.

Laiken and聽Jason decided to leave behind the life they knew for an exciting adventure into the unknown. An adventure that changed their lives forever but it was a change that they found themselves desperately seeking.

It all started when they decided to turn a piece of fallow land, set amongst the picturesque scenery of Muldersdrift, into their very own organic farm. Both Laiken and Jason were first-generation farmers, completely new to this world. But this was a calling in their lives that they needed to answer. After experiencing how difficult it was for them to obtain organically grown products and reading about the incredible health benefits of pomegranates, they decided it was time to tackle this challenge聽at the core. To start the first certified organic Pomegranate farm in South Africa. And Ganico was born.

“We call ourselves ‘Google farmers because聽quite frankly we Google everything since we know nothing about farming!!”

Ganico聽is a family run farm that prides itself on being locally sustainable as well as working on a small-scale farming聽system. Where attention and care can be placed on nurturing聽each tree individually to ensure that they supply the best possible organic Pomegranates. Their farming practices have been certified organic by EcoCert with the European standard of Organic practices.

Ganico strongly believes in following the practices of regenerative聽agriculture as well as biodynamic principles. First off, regenerative聽agriculture聽works聽by ensuring that聽the farm gives back to the land more than it takes away. Then we have the biodynamic principles which works to create a holistic聽approach to farming. An approach that incorporates a balanced and diverse farm ecosystem to ultimately generate a healthy and fertile farm from within.

With these systems, every aspect of the farm works together for each other. For example, the chickens on the farm聽will have multiple roles to play. They can supply eggs but also these little ladies work as the farms source of natural pest control as well as manure manufacturers. Then we have the beehives that are kept on the farm. These busybodies work to聽produce honey as well as playing a vital role in pollinating the Pomegranate blossoms. Finally, the farm also keeps fish in their dam which works to enhance their water and in turns feeds the Pomegranate trees. Each individual part of the farm works to build the farm as whole- it forms it own unique ecosystem.

“We believe the consumer really should dig deep into their product selection and really see for themselves that the products/brands they choose are sustainable or ethical.”

For Ganico giving back to the earth is a vital aspect of who they are. It forms part of their core principles. But their efforts don’t stop there. Ganico has also worked hard to get their community involved and to educate new farmers and gardeners on sustainable and ethical practices. “We love passing on our knowledge onto the community”.

They have also worked on multiple collaborations with many different chefs, foodies and boutique artisans. With the end goal of ultimately becoming a farm, where people can learn, where they can become inspired and hopefully start to appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into an organic farm.

If you would like to see one of their incredible collaborations, please head over to this link:聽FEAST 27: GANICO ORGANIC POMEGRANATE FARM

Please do yourself a huge favour and check out Ganico for yourself. I found them to be utterly inspiring and I really enjoyed finding out how their farm works 馃檪

Until next time xoxo



The Donut Workshop- an unforgetable treat

What does happiness mean to you?
It is that warm feeling you get when you’re surrounded by the people you love, the feeling of awe when looking out at a picturesque view of a clear pristine day. Is it the feeling of success when you finally achieve what you’ve worked hard for. Or is it simply coming home to your furry family, who cannot for a second begin to contain their excitement to see you.

There’s just so many different types of “happiness” experienced in the world, every second of the day. There’s the happiness you see on your sister’s face as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day. The happiness you experience when coming home to your family after living miles away for the longest time imaginable. But then there’s also happiness experienced in the simple things in life. The happiness found in watching your聽little聽seedlings come to life, the happiness experienced when drinking the perfect cup of tea after a long and tiring day. But most of all, there’s a happiness that comes from doing what you love.

For three South Africans,聽Leila, Chris and聽Chiara, happiness comes from working every day聽in an environment聽that they love, creating products that they’re passionate about and聽interacting with the public who have supported them from the start. It’s a happiness that comes from watching their business grow day to day, seeing the success that came from all their hard work, but most all, it comes from experiencing the joy from their customers. For these three South Africans, a sense of happiness, partnership and a hell of a lot of hard work聽forms an important聽part of The Donut Workshop.

“The Donut Workshop is a local business 鈥 we are proudly South African”聽

Back in 2016, three friends decided to embark on a new and exciting adventure.聽These friends, originally from Durban, had moved through to Cape Town to study and enjoy their slice of the Captonian life. However, while they were studying, the sweet cravings that can only come from all-nighters, coffee runs and mind-numbing cramming drove them to seek out a spot for the perfect sweet treat. A sweet treat of the doughnut variety. But to their disappointment, they soon discovered that these were far and few between.

Not willing to give up on their quest for the perfect doughnut. The three friends decided to start their own entrepreneurial adventure and so The Donut Workshop was born. After numerous attempts and through trial and error, they developed the perfect doughnut recipe. A recipe that would pay homage to the delicacy that is the mighty doughnut. A recipe that would allow them to bring a unique urban twist to the industry. A vegan twist.

With a solid recipe in hand, a determination for success and an unwavering passion to share the ultimate doughnut with their fellow Capetonians. The three friends applied for their first market at the Old Biscuit Mill. And let’s just say the response was incredible.

The rest is all history now, on the road to success.

You can always find the Donut Workshop hard at work in and around Cape Town. From the Noorhoek Farm Village on Wednesday, Cape Point Vineyards on Thursdays, the Blue Bird Garage on Fridays and last but not least the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays. So if you live in Cape Town and are ever in need of a doughnut fix, you know where to go 馃槈

After the past year, the Donut Workshop has become a popular establishment at all their local markets. Their stall has created an enjoyable experience for their customers. A place where their customers have the freedom to create their own doughnuts. Their own unique treat.

With an incredible variety of sauces and toppings to choose, it truly is a fun personalised experience.

…so how does it work?

Well, the first step is to choose the number of delicious doughnuts you would like.

-Then you need to make the most important decision, which chocolate sauce will form your base? Dark chocolate (vegan), caramel or white chocolate?

-Now, it’s time to go topping crazy. Time to choose which yummy treats will finish off your doughnut creation. Will it be the oreo crumble (vegan)? Or will you go mini Astros and Smarties? The choice is endless.

But, if you are someone who appreciates the classics. The Donut Workshop has the perfect cinnamon sugar coat just for you.

-A little something special for everyone-

So, I really hope that you enjoyed reading about the Donut Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this piece together. But yeah, I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area.

Until next time, xoxo


Just a City Girl living in a Beautiful world

The life of a City Girl is one filled with adventure, excitement聽and of course her very own arsenal聽of emergency lipsticks. She’s always ready to tackle life’s challenges, take obstacles聽head on and can never be kept down for long.
A City girl finds her own strength from within, is empowered because of her struggles, is beautiful because of her uniqueness and is a dreamer because she believes. She believes in possibilities, a better future and her own abilities.

One such “City Girl dreamer” goes by the name of Jess. As the author of City Girl Blog and owner of her very own lipstick and beauty range, Jess has truly taken the inspiration and power of a City Girl to heart. She channelled her love and passion for writing, creativity, beauty, style, makeup, travelling聽and let’s not forget her journey to creating her very own feel-good lifestyle into what has become an incredible聽Beauty & Lifestyle blog.

City girl Beauty (shop) as well as City Girl Blog, was inspired by the lives that City Girls lead. Jess took true inspiration from their passion, hard work聽and unwavering determination in life. She wanted to create a relatable platform for the “everyday” City girl. The “everyday” girl working hard to聽achieve her聽dreams but still needing a little downtime, a help, a little advice every now and then. Because even super-woman still puts her tights on one leg at a time.

City Girl Blog became a community and a supportive聽environment where聽Jess could聽share her journey about a girl discovering the beauty around her, her style from within and of course the beauty hacks and tricks that no girl can live without.

聽-It’s about blogging about and promoting what we LOVE-

Jess started her City Girl journey in 2017 and has worked hard through all the ups & downs, all the obstacles and challenges that face a young entrepreneur trying to make her successful breakthrough into the local market.

-The journey has been challenging, but who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge-聽

Through all her hard work聽and passion, Jess has taken the City Girl Blog to new and exciting places. What started out as just a blog platform has transformed into a unique and exciting beauty brand. A brand that focuses on the community and works to embrace the true inner beauty and style of each of her customers.聽

The City Girl beauty range includes an incredible selection of 6 different shades of liquid lipsticks (imported), body scrubs, natural facial serums (100% locally made) as well as a facial primer that is 100% locally made. This beautiful collection is ever growing and Jess has hinted to there being a few exciting products in the works- almost ready for their big reveal!!! So keep your eyes peeled and your聽wallets ready (haha), you don’t want to miss out.聽

I am so excited to see how this brand continues to grow and tackle new challenges in the South African Beauty industries.

-I think as a small local business being REAL is what sets you apart from the rest-

I really hope you enjoyed reading about The City Girl Blog, I was super excited to work with Jess and we have some exciting plans in the works. But if you would like to in the meantime, check out her brand please follow these links:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and website聽

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March Printable Calendar

I have really been enjoying working with聽JacciR designs聽on our monthly calendar聽collaborations.聽The calendar will feature original illustrations by JacciR Designs 18767783_203420363512045_68988698853127719_nand you will be able to download the monthly printable copies from my blog. The best part of all, it鈥檚 completely free聽馃檪聽If you are interested in viewing some of the illustrations and graphic聽design work by JacciR Design, please head on over to聽Limoncello cards & Things

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Please select the link to print your copy of this months calendar: March

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Baris – A Delicious Treat

A little patch of heaven, a taste of happiness and that warm feeling of a “childlike” joy that takes over your entire body. That feeling when you聽find the perfect place in the world, a place of just being- just being a part of nature and experiencing its聽beauty. This is what comes to mind when I speak to Este茅 van Aswegen about the beautiful farm she grew up on, fell in love with and has worked hard to share with those around her. To share her little patch of heaven that is Baris, a picturesque farm set amongst聽the idyllic backdrop of the Eastern Free State. A true beauty to behold.

A place where birds are welcome, trees and plants invite you to walk and listen and where every season captures you with its beauty-


Este茅 had an incredible vision for Baris, she wanted to do more than just open Baris to the community. She wanted Baris to be the voice of the “raw beauty and abundance” that the Eastern Free State had to offer. Through the help and experience of previous generations, the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of a youthful mind, Baris has grown by leaps and bounds. And will continue to grow, change and develop just like the strong resilient community that surrounds it.

Baris is known for its friendly聽residences (a herd of beautiful Saanen goats), an incredible selection of goats milk products and of course the Baris (cheese) Monger. A place for enjoying farm fresh delicacies, great espressos, french styled creps and, what has been described as, the best cheesecake that you can possibly find …. but how did Baris get to where it is today?

Well, it all started about thirty years ago, when a newlywed couple (Este茅’s parents) decided to build their home at Baris. A home that would go onto hold a lifetime of memories, adventures and endless possibilities. Even when聽Este茅’s journey would take her away from the farm to study, get married to the love of her life or work as a teacher in Bloemfontein, Baris would always be a part of her.

Despite her love for teaching, Este茅 never felt as though this was the right path that she was meant to take. For her, food had always been and will always be her greatest passion in life. So after a trip, with her husband, to the Western Cape where she became inspired by the practices of the Cape Farmers. The Practice of inviting people into the farms to share and experience the incredible products available.聽Este茅 was inspired to do the same with Baris. “Long story short, I fell in love.聽 Bought some dairy goats (travelled all the way to De Rust for my first 5 goats), started milking them and made some cheese. Now we invite people in to see what Baris has to offer, and it鈥檚 a dream come true”.

Baris has received an incredible amount of love and聽support聽from everyone around them, a response that they are truly grateful for. As it is their聽sense of community that is held true to their core. It’s apart of everything they do and everything that they believe in. From creating job opportunities where possible to supporting local businesses in Baris Monger. The community is at the heart of the Baris Farm.

-My vision for Baris is genuineness. Our aim is to produce honest products that showcase the raw beauty and abundance the Eastern Free State offers-
Este茅 van Aswegen

Baris farm has worked hard to not only create聽products that are honest, of a high quality and sustainably produced but also to create farming practices that are ethical聽and responsible when it comes to the care of their farm animals.

“We consider every decision we make about our goats and do our best to provide them with the best quality, and longest lives we can”.

That is why, Baris has taken on a holistic approach to the care and well being of their goats. They see their goats as more than just animals that need to be fed and housed. It’s about realising that the “proper care” of an animal is complexed and has many different aspects to consider, such as their social, psychological and environmental needs. It’s about carefully assessing and considering how each unique situation can have a completely different effect on the goats. Whether it’s on their health, their stress levels or even their overall happiness. That is why Este茅 believes that if they can be truly holistic in their approach, then they will have healthy, happy, beautiful goats.

We make every effort to ensure that all goats live a happy life during their time on Baris-
Este茅 van Aswegen

So if this place doesn’t already sound completely out of this world, I have one last thing to share with you. One last thing to say, before it’s time to go.

And that is…
How to get involved with their delicious cheese tastings 馃槈

“We are open to the public for tastings on Saturdays from 10:00 鈥 15:30. But we love having guests and pre-booked visits during the week, which聽are always welcome.聽

Tastings of our farm made goat鈥檚 cheese include a small portion of each cheese available on the day (between 8 and 10 pieces), cost per tasting is R30.

We also offer, and recommend, a cheese platter (for two normally) which includes a generous portion of each cheese available as well as selected condiments (like olives, green figs, fruit, onion marmalade, pesto, chutney etc) and crackers for R65 pp.

Obviously, a glass of good wine, homemade lemonade or a decent cup of coffee should be enjoyed with the cheese, and why not try our delicious (the best) cheesecake (made with chevre) to finish everything off.”聽

I really hope that you enjoyed.

Until next time


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Bebare.soap- Nothing but vegan goodness

Being a conscious consumer- has become one of those words that we hear all over the place- but what does this actually mean and how does this affect me?

Well to me, being a conscious consumer has many different aspects and levels to it. At its core, I think it’s about knowing what you stand for as a person. For example, if you are someone who is against animal cruelty or animal testing, then being a conscious聽consumer would mean refusing to buy products聽that are tested on animals. It’s about educating yourself on becoming an avid “label reader”. In order to be aware of the ingredients聽in the products you buy, ingest and lather all over your body. It’s about knowing the story behind the items you purchase, where does it come from? How was it made? How does this company treat their workers? What were the environmental footprints that this product left behind? It’s about taking that stand to enforce聽ethical practices, sustainability and creating environmental awareness. Finally, I think that being a conscious consumer is about embracing the local trade. If there’s a local business offering an alternative to the products at your large chain stores, then it’s about finding these stores or brands and showing them the support that they need.

Lil, the brains behind Bebare., started up her company as a response to her needs as a conscious consumer. She had always聽felt a disengagement with the larger brands, the chain stores and the overwhelming quantity聽of products that聽were “just being pushed our way ALL the time.”
Over the years, as she begun to engage more with the concept of being a conscious consumer, she also began to learn the nasty truth behind the ingredients in an everyday bar of soap, bottles of shampoo or just any of the products that we put on our bodies, skin or hair. The idea of exposing her body to these harmful chemicals got her thinking about possibly making her own soaps. Where she would not only be in control of the ingredients but it would also allow her to engage with her passion for making and creating beautiful thoughtful products. For Lil, this was an incredible experience and from the get-go, she was hooked.
There is something about the process, the sourcing of oils and butters, weighing them, trying different combinations of essential oils and clays, trying different base oil combinations. I loved what I was making and friends, the first round testers, did too. Slowly people asked me if I’d sell them soap and I decided to give it a go.
And Bebare. was born.

-I stand for a product that is ethical, isn’t harmful to you, an animal, or the earth-

Based in Cape Town, Bebare has created an incredible range of natural and nourishing soaps that are made in small batches, made with ingredients sourced locally (wherever possible) and are completely vegan-friendly. None of their soaps contains any parabens, artificial scents or colouring- Just made with the good stuff.

Throughout every step of the way, the focus has been placed on maintaining a high level of quality as well as ensuring a “sustainable & ethical” approach to both the sourcing and production aspect of Bebare. There is an incredible sense of the love, care and attention that has gone into the brand from the locally sourced ingredients to the final packaged (made from recycled paper) product- You just know that behind every bar of soap there is a beautiful story waiting to be told

It’s easy to see the passion and love that Lil has for her brand through my communications with her, from what I’ve heard about her interactions with customers but also through her incredible product itself. You can see that she has given her all not only to the company but also into each individual bar of soap. Even when asked about her favourite item from the range, it was clear that Bebare. represents an important part of her: “I absolutely adore the naartjie & poppyseed – it reminds me of my happy childhood days growing up in Natal.聽 The scent is so South African.”

-I’d like to focus on keeping it simple, on keeping it clean and offering a beautiful, thoughtful product that people will want to buy again-


Bebare. has created its ties to the South African community through purchasing their organic ingredients locally from South African farmers but also showing support to other African countries such as Ghana and Zimbabwe where some of their ingredients come from. They’ve also created a lasting relationship with the public through their interaction and efforts to educate their customers about their products, supporting local businesses, as well as, the importance of being a conscious consumer in today’s society.

For Lil, it’s truly about relationships, getting to know people, having conversations and learning from each other. Lil mentioned to me that there’s a huge satisfaction that comes with her customers picking up one of her soaps, smelling it and just completely being carried off by the scent. A scent that takes them way back to a specific memory linked to that smell.

It’s these types of interactions and experiences that you can’t find from chain stores or mass-produced products. It’s these connections to your community that form when you support local companies around you. In a way, you become apart of their journey and success. This is why I would like to encourage you to support local wherever you can, to take on the #lovelocal movement with me.

If you would like to check out more from Bebare. please follow these links below:
Instagram, Facebook聽as well as a new website that will be opening up soon!!!

Until next time, xoxo

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Sprout- Kidswear Rooted in Africa

How many times in life do we forget to acknowledge the face behind the brand or the person behind the counter? We often buy things without thinking about the person who sat for hours sewing our beautiful dresses or the guy who poured his time, passion and love into growing our food. The same guy who probably spent sleepless nights worrying about the drought or the lady who supports聽her family by selling home-cooked meals at the Friday night market. It’s these faces behind the brand that gives life to the products we buy. It’s these faces that give聽meaning to “buying local”, it’s the difference that your purchase makes in their lives that creates its value in our society.

The movement to support local brands goes deeper than just supporting South African industries. It’s about supporting聽“real people” behind the small businesses. Which is exactly what Luke and Sarah (the faces behind Sprout) have worked to do throughout every step of their聽company. Sprout, which is based in Durban, is a proudly South African kids clothing brand. That has truly embraced this movement. They’ve worked hard to establish relationships with local cotton mills, as well as source as much cotton grown locally as possible. For them, it’s not聽just about the聽quality聽that comes with local produce. It聽is about supporting local communities, job聽creation in South Africa, as well as providing opportunities for families to earn an income. An income that allows them to put food on the table. But most of all, they want to be apart of the process that initiates, supports and transforms “harebrained dreams into possible realities”.

-Choose to make a difference by supporting real people. Stop. Talk to them. They鈥檙e right in front of you and they care-

Sprout is truly the definition of a family-owned business run by Mom & Dad and inspired by baby, their own “little sprout”. Sprout started in 2013 and really took off shortly after the arrival of Sarah & Luke’s beautiful daughter, Mae, in 2016. And has just continued to grow and thrive under the incredible local support they’ve received. They have, in every sense, created a brand centered around all things local. Even聽some of their best inspirations come from the beauty and the unique flora of South Africa.

When Sprout first opened, Sarah and Luke started their incredible journey at the “I Heart Market” in Durban, where you can still catch them every first Saturday of the month. Over the past few years, what started out as a harebrained idea has transformed in to a successful venture. That still holds true to their core values, beliefs and passion for creating quality products that are unique and tells the proud stories of those involved.聽They value above all else, the true essence of honesty and integrity in all their interactions as a company. They strongly believe in being involved in every stage of production. Whether it’s from sourcing the materials, designing their own fabrics to managing all their media platforms. Sprout wants every customer of theirs to know that their brand is passionate about each garment sent out and that they’ve taken pride in their work.聽

-For us, those relationships and the feeling that you are making a difference is what makes the support local movement so special-

They stock a beautiful variety of clothing from vintage baby dresses, vintage rompers, sleepy sacks to leggings and T-shirts. None of their products are mass produced in anyway which allows them to ensure quality, integrity and exclusivity. Each item is then beautifully designed, crafted and packaged with care- ready to be enjoyed by your little sprout.

Sprout’s incredible range of kids wear is mainly available online. However, you can still catch some of their items at:

  1. Phrog Designs, based in Kloof, Durban
  2. Yummy Mummy, based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg

If you would like to check out more from Sprout, please see their links below 馃檪
Instagram, Facebook and website.

-Above all, Sprout is run by a pair of parents, and we鈥檙e doing our best to make a difference in our little girls鈥 life every day-

Until next time, xoxo





Localism- Be Unique, Love Local

-Born as the ambassador for local brands-

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty, creativity and talent that surrounds us. Growing up in South Africa, we’re so incredibly blessed with a colourful rich diversity that聽brings with it an abundance of聽raw talent. A talent聽that has taken our fashion industry to new levels and new heights. Each brand bringing forward their own unique interpretations of South聽African聽couture. Creating the rich vibrant fashion industry that we know today. An industry that聽truly encompasses the spirit of our rainbow nation.

#LoveLocal is such a powerful movement more and more people聽are beginning聽to embrace. That is why it is so important for us to take these opportunities to create awareness about local brands. One of the greatest reasons, that I have received, for people’s resistance to shopping local, was the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to look. It’s so easy to locate your large chain stores or well known international brands. However, it can often be a struggle to find local brands if you don’t know where to look. Localism, which is a local online store, has made it their mission to create a platform where South African designers and brands can showcase their work. By doing this, they have established an online shopping community that supports emerging, as well as established designers. Where unique, hand-picked styles are featured for the “fashion-conscious” shoppers.

-We聽honour the art and story that define each and every brand behind its products-

Driven by their desire to build, strengthen and empower their community, as well as create an online store “with a difference”. The “Shop with a Purpose” initiative was born. Localism believes that shoppers, as well as the fashion industry themselves, should contribute both “consciously” and “effectively” towards the development of our society and local communities. Fashion and small local business that embrace creativity can open up pathways for social empowerment, as well as provide better economic and social opportunities for those in need.

A percentage of the earnings made from the sales on Localism is then donated to a selection of local (Durban) charities. These charities work towards transforming the lives of underprivileged children, as well as women in their community.
These are some of the organisations that are supported by Localism:
Liv Village
Surfers Not Street Children
Kerr House

Localism is also currently working with the fashion brand, T-Shirts for Change聽. They are a local brand that works towards creating awareness for woman’s rights, as well as gender equality. Please check out their site if you would like more information about the brand.

聽-Fashion can act in a more sustainable way to help聽those less fortunate-

Not only has Localism created a support base, accessible exposure, as well as easy online access for so many small local brands. Many of which, would not have had these resources available. They have also created the perfect environment for South African citizens to experience a diverse variety of local products from the comfort of their own home.

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the incredible brands available at Localism:
1.聽shweshwe chic fashion
2. Salty Hippy SA
3. Blush Fashion SA
4. T-Shirts For Change

I was so inspired by Localism, when I came across their online store, their work towards building a stronger local shopping community, as well as their efforts to empower and help those in need has been truly inspiring. I honestly could not wait to share their story with you.聽If you would like to read more about Localism, please check out the following links:
Instagram, Facebook, Website

-we feature unique, hand-picked styles from talented South African Designers for fashion-conscious shoppers-

Until next time

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Yo Coco- Serving Love In Every dairy-free Scoop

Love is such a vital element in our lives. And it comes in so many different forms. It’s not just the connection between a couple. It’s the connection that’s created when grandparents share their life stories with their grandchildren. It’s the connection formed when after a long day, your dog will gently rest his head on your聽knee and you know everything will be okay. It’s the compassion shown when a stranger goes out of their way to help someone that they’ve never met before. It can even be seen in the dedication and determination shown by a person who has found their passion in life.聽 This brings me to an incredible South African entrepreneur who has fully utilized her passion for ice-cream, her determination to follow a healthy vegan lifestyle, and finally her unwavering quest to live a聽life that serves love.聽And in doing so, Yo Coco was born.

Yo Coco all started when Sine Ndlela (the powerhouse behind Yo Coco), made the decision to take on a vegan approach to her lifestyle. She soon, however, realised that her love for ice-cream would not quite make the cut. Sine then set out to create her own聽unique dairy-free alternatives to ice-cream that weren’t your run of the mill options (like sorbet or frozen yoghurt). She wanted to make something special, something that would be worthy of the label ice-cream (even without the dairy). Something that would potentially change the misconceptions people had about vegan (healthy) treats. She wanted to show the world that healthy didn’t mean bland. Sine wanted to prove that “Healthy food could be fun” but most importantly she wanted to create a platform that could be used to serve love to people.

“I decided to make something I鈥檇 enjoy, but be serving love at the same time.鈥

The Yo Coco range hosts a mouth-watering selection of artisanal hand-made ice-creams that use only organic fruits, are vegan-friendly, no preservatives or colourants. Just the good stuff. The range includes flavours from “Rooibos & Cookies” all the way to “Granadilla” flavour.
When I asked Sine, which flavours would she recommend to her customers, she replied:聽I would recommend the lemon dreams for something more creamy and the granadilla chocolate for a burst of flavour.
-If you would like to get your hands on a tub of Yo Coco, and you live in or around Johannesburg, you can place an order via Instagram or at聽

聽“All our ice cream is made with love.”

Yo Coco lives by the philosophy of “serving love through scoops” but their passion for helping others doesn’t stop there. Sine told me about her brands focus on collaborating with small startup businesses, as well as, working with organisations such as Harambe聽(who work to reduce unemployment amongst the youths in South Africa through partnerships).聽 Yo Coco is also currently working on a drive to collect school shoes that will be distributed to those in need. Lastly, Sine mentioned a project that is in play (which she holds very dear to her), this project involves visiting people in hospitals who otherwise would not have received any visitors at all. I was honestly blown away by this incredible brand when I was putting together this article. It has been such an honour to have had the opportunity to feature such an amazing local brand. I feel as though Yo Coco is a great representation of the ingenuity, passion and dedication that local businesses have to offer.

Please do yourself a favour and check them out: Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time xoxo..

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Sophie & Jane is supporting the PinkDrive

-Overcome Through Courage and Strength-
Unkown author

On February the 4th, the world came together in its efforts to educate, create awareness, as well as, unite in the fight against cancer.
We can. I can” has been the powerful slogan leading the “World Cancer Day” (2016- 2018) three-year campaign. The campaign was created to show how everyone, whether you’re an individual聽or part of an organisation, could do their part to聽reduce the global burden of cancer (World Cancer Day 2018). Cancer not only affects the individual but also their families, friends and communities. No matter where you are in the world, nearly every family and community has, in some way, been touched by cancer. Despite this being such a prevalent issue facing our society, there are still so many people in our communities who lack the necessary education and access to cancer healthcare facilities. This potentially leads to large portions of our communities not understanding the importance of early detection, how and where to get tested or even if they have access to testing facilities and equipment. That is why it is so important for each of us, no matter how big or small, to do our part in this campaign.

-Support the fighters, admire the survivors, honour the taken and never, ever give up hope-
Unkown Author

For this month of February and in honour of World Cancer Day,聽Sophie & Jane Lingerie聽聽has partnered up with the聽PinkDrive聽聽in order to provide access to education, as well as, create a greater awareness across South African communities regarding breast cancer and early detection. Furthermore, this drive will also work towards educating females on the benefits of breastfeeding through the use of various social media platforms.
When I heard about this collaboration, I was very excited to get involved. This is a cause that I am incredibly passionate about and that I hold very dear to me. I believe that woman across all age groups should be properly educated on the process of self-examinations, the importance of getting to know your body (every little lump and bump), as well as, learning that breast cancer or breast abnormalities is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about (which during my experience was not something that I was prepared for).

How does this campaign work…

  1. In numerous communities throughout South Africa, simple items such as bras can be seen as a luxury item that so many women cannot simply afford. For this reason, the聽campaign is asking for all moms to donate their old bra directly to Sophie & Jane or at designated drop off stations (I will provide the list at the end) –they don’t need to be maternity bras.
    Once you have donated your old bras, you will then receive a “10% off” discount to be used on a new Sophie & Jane nursing bra- they will also donate R10.00 towards PinkDrive from every bra sold!聽
  2. Old bras that have been donated will be given to PinkDrive, who will then distribute these items amongst woman living in disadvantaged communities. PinkDrive, works towards creating mobile units across South Africa that are dedicated to providing disadvantaged communities access to diagnostic mammography screening, education, physical examinations and how to do breast self-examination.
  3. PinkDrive and Sophie & Jane will also be distributing information on breast cancer,聽as well as, the benefits of breastfeeding through the use of various social media platforms, radio and TV.
    I have provided the various media links for each brand in their brief descriptions below.聽
  4. Several donation boxes will be available for drop-offs:
    1. Petit Pear Eco Boutique, Joostenberg Vlakte, Cape Town
    2. Thula Baby Centre, 129 Beach Rd, Mouille Point, Cape Town
    3. Mom Matters, Sunningdale, Cape Town
    4. Sophie & Jane Lingerie HQ, Mowbray, Cape Town
    5. Petit B茅b茅 Boutique, Stable Number 5 @聽Anja’s Tea Garden, Pretoria East

    Alternatively, send your old bras directly to Sophie & Jane Lingerie and receive a 10% discount when purchasing new bras online!

A little about Sophie & Jane…
Sophie & Jane Lingerie is a local (South African) maternity boutique that is dedicated to satisfying all the needs of “moms to be”, “breastfeeding moms” and moms who are already on the journey called parenthood.聽 They are passionate about creating a range of maternity Lingerie that is both feminine (and so incredibly beautiful), fashionable as well as comfortable during pregnancy and well after the baby is born.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful, so your nursing bra, sleep聽and loungewear should be too.
Where to find them: Instagram, Facebook and Website聽

“Being pregnant is a joyful time, with plenty of surprises along the way and you need聽a bra that can withstand the ups and downs that will follow for the next 9 months of pregnancy and beyond.”

A little bit about PinkDrive…
PinkDrive is the incredible Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) behind South Africa’s first mobile “PinkDrive Mammography” Unit and “PinkDrive Educational” Unit. These mobile units are moving all over South Africa in order to drive home the fact that
“Early detection saves lives.”
There are currently three “mobile breast check” units and six “educational” units that are travelling through urban and semi-urban areas of South Africa. Their aim is to provide access to education and physical examinations among the various disadvantaged communities, who otherwise would not have had these opportunities. Furthermore, the mobile units are working towards educating as many females as possible with the vital knowledge on “how to perform their own self- examinations”.
This organisation is truly inspiring in their efforts to create awareness for breast cancer, educate on early detection and provide the necessary cancer detection facilities throughout South Africa. Especially in communities where this type of attention would otherwise have not been available. In 2014, the PinkDrive revealed their “Doctor’s Room on Wheels” which is South Africa’s first mobile “Women’s health” unit. This unit takes the form of a fourteen-ton truck that provides a state-of-art gynaecology area (for pap smear examinations), a reception area, as well as,聽a radiology area. The “Doctor’s room on wheels” aims to provide further access to facilities that will be able to address cervical cancer in addition to offering mammograms. If you would like to read more about PinkDrive’s efforts to create cancer awareness in South Africa, please check out these links below.
Where to find them: Instagram, Facebook and website.

Remember:聽“Early detection saves lives.”


It was truly such an honour to be asked to take part in spreading the message of these two amazing brands. Let’s unite in creating breast cancer awareness.

-You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face-
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. World Cancer Day 2016-2018. 2018. World Cancer Day. [Online]. Available from:聽 [Accessed 5 February2018].
  2. Washing line with bras: Image by聽Pablo Heimplatz@pabloheimplatz
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Serenity -Lifestyle & Wellness

-Living one day at a time;聽
enjoying one moment at a time;聽
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace-聽
Serenity Prayer

Over past few years, I’ve learnt the importance of taking care of your self. Whether it’s emotionally or physically. It’s important to take a little bit of time out of the day to be alone, to be relaxed and to just enjoy the moment that you find yourself in.
I know that for many of us, finding this time during the day can be a huge struggle, life often just gets in the way.
That’s why I like to make the little bit of time that I have to myself count, whether it’s washing my face in the morning or relaxing in the bathtub at night.
I love to choose different products that add a whole new dimension聽to these experiences. Products that will smell interesting (and divine), look pretty, feel luxurious and basically just make my body feel amazing. I think that anytime you can find a way to pamper yourself, just automatically makes your day so much better.

One of the brands that I’ve been trying out lately (I’m really excited to share with you) is Serenity.
Serenity is a Cape Town based company that creates natural handcrafted personal care products, made from only the finest quality ingredients. The company was started by Anisha Jugdeo-Petersen, who wanted to create a store where customers could go for honest and reliable advice on natural beauty and personal care ranges. Her Philosophy is that “staying healthy and improving lifestyle should be all natural, simple, inexpensive and available to anyone and everyone“.

As I mentioned earlier, all the ingredients used in the Serenity range are completely natural as well as not tested on animals, sourced locally, non-modified (used as they are found in their natural state), free from any nasty chemicals聽(especially those unpronounceable additives) and preservatives. Each item in the range is then perfectly designed with the idea of simplicity and minimalism in mind to ensure that all the ingredients perform their purpose, exactly how they were supposed to. Anisha has placed immesne focus on creating a brand that perfectly serves the needs of her customers without placing a strain on the environment. She uses only renewable resources that are produced locally and sustainably as well as encouraging her customers to return empty containers for re-use where possible, “we believe in doing our bit for the environment”.

-We believe in keeping the ingredients list to the minimum required necessary ingredients without adding anything that does not directly apply to its purpose-

As a local brand, I was very curious to find out from Anisha how the communities response and聽support towards her company has been.
This was her response to me, “The support and response has been great. In particular, the customers鈥 feedback about skin and hair products have been awesome. The comparison with more larger, retail competitors鈥 pricing has been very positive. Customers often expect that as a small company we would be more expensive than the larger retail stores that sell the same products, and are very surprised when they see our low prices. The appreciation for advice is inspiring, especially because we tend to give away lots of samples for customers to gauge whether what we say will work for them“.

For me, one of the big attractions about local brands is the sense of community and passion you get from them, and Serenity is definitely no exception. Everytime that I’ve been in the store, the service is amazing, friendly and you can tell that Anisha is incredibly passionate about not only her brand but also helping her customer to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

If you are interested in purchasing or finding out more about this local brand or would just like to get in contact with the owner (her wide range includes products from handmade soaps, essential oils to bath salts, bear balms and so much more), please check out her Facebook, Instagram and new website (that will be up and running very soon).

My Experience,
I absolutely love how beautiful, simple but still luxurious her handmade products are. I’ve been testing out the Vanilla soap, which is so deliciously scented. It has this amazing sweet coconut and vanilla fragrances that is subtle but noticeable. That’s not even the best part, I cannot begin to explain how incredibly moisturising and soft this soap is on my skin without leaving a horrible oily feeling. I’m also really excited to try the goats milk, thyme and grapefruit soap bar next (these amazing products were all sent as testers to me a few weeks ago), so please keep an eye out on my Instagram account for further reviews 馃檪

Until next time xoxo

Feature Image by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash聽




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Beautiful Earth- skin care trial pack review

聽So far this year, I’ve been trying my best to become a better “conscious consumer” than I’ve been in the past. I’ve been supporting local brands where ever I can and trying my best to educate myself on the health benefits聽of the different natural and environmentally friendly ranges available.

Recently I came across a very interesting article by Aubrey Wallace (Wallace 2018), in this article she discussed the truth behind the myth downloadthat our skin absorbs聽60 to 70 percent of whatever product we put on it. Basically, what I understood from this article was that our skin is far to complexed and there are just so many interactions affecting the makeup of our skin and the chemicals around it for such a broad statement to hold true in every case.
However, if you break down each individual scenario, for example, let’s take the hypothetical situation that we have a beauty product containing chemicals that are far too large or their absorption聽rate is just too slow for our skin to have effectively聽absorbed these products (Wallace 2018).

-it’s important to note that absorption聽in this context, refers to when chemicals actually enter the bloodstream- (Wallace 2018)

Yet, when you add ethanol to this product it changes the entire situation. Ethanol has the particular property of increasing the absorption rate of other chemicals around it -it breaks聽down larger chemicals into their smaller individual constituents (Wallace 2018). Which means that these absorption rates can potentially increase. And the possibility of absorption into our聽bloodstreams is then greater. Then to complicate things just a little bit more, our body temperature, the condition聽of our skin, time exposure as well as the different parts of our body surfaces (such as your scalp or forearms) also absorb at different rates, – thus affecting which chemicals can make it through (Furlong 2015). So as you can see there聽are so many conditions that can affect the validity聽of this myth, even though our skin may not take in as high a percentage as 60% there is still the possibility of different levels of absorption. That’s why it’s important for consumers to beware of what they purchase and how their bodies are responding to each situation. Our bodies are very good at indicating problems to us, we just need to learn to listen. Aubrey (Wallace 2018) also mentions in her article that most products will behave in accordance with the FDA’s statement, that minimal to no absorption occurs when the chemicals in beauty products are applied to the skin. However, It is still important for you as a consumer to be aware of the chemicals in products and how they interact with one another so that you can make an informed choice.

If you would like to read this article for yourself, which I would highly recommend, please select this link聽

So, the reason I wanted to share this article with you is that I think it’s important to investigate and find skincare ranges that are trustworthy and reliable. So that we can have the peace of mind that our bodies aren’t storing potentially harmful chemicals.

One such brand that I have come across and tested out is Beautiful Earth. Which is a logo_600xlocal (South African) brand.聽They focus on creating guaranteed natural products聽containing only the highest quality ingredients that are suitable for vegans, cruelty-free (endorsed by BWC and PETA) and biodegradable without any synthetic, harmful or undesired ingredients. In other words, no parabens, sulphates, colouring, mineral oils or glycols.
-Just the good stuff-聽

This brand also prides themselves on their commitment to聽sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.聽 Just an idea of some of their environmental focuses, the company is run as a low-risk operation (in terms of its effect on the environment) with a strong Environmental Management systems set in place that aims to reduce their possible carbon footprint. All product packaging is made from 100% recyclable聽High-Density Polyethylene, they source organic or wildcrafted ingredients and lastly, all product content is biodegradable.

SO, the product range from Beautiful Earth that I decided to review was the skincare SKIN_CARE_TRIAL_PACK (1)trial pack, which contained:

  • 30ml Facial Cleanser– contains Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oils that work to clean the skin while antioxidants from the Grapefruit and Evening Primrose work with the conditioning properties of Kigella and Aloe Vera to remove dirt while leaving your skin soft and moisturised.
  • 30ml Facial Toner– contains Damask rose water that works to firm and hydrate your skin (it also closes pores and prepares your skin for the facial serum). While the antioxidant properties of Green Rooibos binds to free radicals and the mild astringent tones the skin leaving your skin to feel fresh and completely hydrated.
  • 5ml Facial Serum– this serum works to boost your skin’s moisture content, provide nutrition, nourishment and antioxidants to create a softer and young appearance. This product is rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 oils as well as Rosehip oil that contains fatty acids as well as Vitamin E. These all work towards promoting healthier skin.
  • 25ml Moisturising Day Cream– it contains Lavender, Rose, Neroli, Frankincense and Jojoba essential oils that are known for their rejuvenating properties. This cream works towards hydrating, fighting signs of ageing, wrinkles, free radicals as well as boosts the collagen, elastin and health of your skin.
  • finally, 25ml Repairing Night Cream– contains active Kalahari watermelon, Pomegranate and Marula oils that are packed with vitamins A, C, E and F. It also contains Calcium and magnesium which all work towards moisturising and renewing your skin, preserving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

My experience with the trial pack,
First off I absolutely loved the sense of routine and proper skin regime you pick up when given a trial pack that contains every item recommended for good skin care. My morning and evening face washing time has become this relaxing experience. Where each individual item has its own beautiful smell that you can’t help but pause to breathe in before applying to your skin. Then each item makes your skin feel different, it’s like this multilayer experience. Where your skin is taken through these different phases, smells and texture experiences every time you use these products.

I’ve suffered from acne ever since I left school and over the years I’ve worked really hard to create a routine that kept my skin about 70% clear. I’ve always been very cautious about trying new skin products out of fear that my skin would break out again (it’s taken years to get rid of my scars). But, this year inspired by my quest for healthier natural skin care products, I decided to give Beautiful earth a try. Let me just say, it has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made for my skin (I have literally recommended these products o every person I’ve come across). After just one month of using this trial pack, my complexion and skin texture has just completely changed. My skin almost has this renewed glow to it, it’s become about 90% clearer (all day, every day) and just so irresistibly soft to the touch. I cannot put into words how youthful, rejuvenated and incredibly healthy my skin looks. I absolutely love this brand new, I love that there are no nasties in the ingredients and that each item does exactly what it promises to do. The price of this trial pack was also very reasonable (about R135.00) and they are available at the Beautiful earth site as well as Faithful-to-nature, the Beautiful store聽as well as Absolute skin.

Please if you are feeling unsatisfied with your current regime, give this trial pack a try. I found that this pack managed to last me an entire month and it’s still going 馃檪
I cannot say enough about how amazing this brand has been for me.

Until next time xoxo









  1. Wallace, A. 2018. How much does our skin actually absorb?. [Blog] Annmarie. [Online] Available from:聽 [Accessed 3 January 2018].聽聽

  2. Furlong, Z. 2015. How do toxins enter our bodies?. [Blog] URSA Major.聽 [Online] Available from:聽 [Accessed 30 January 2018].


Fashion Friday

Inspired by anything and anyone-Skoonma Clothing

-I see bold accessories as a woman’s amour-
Rachel Zoe

Throughout history, woman have used fashion as a source of influence, inspiration and a means to express themselves. Whether she was a sister, a mother, a daughter, a wife or a co-worker, she had in her own way shaped, influenced and affected how those around her perceived fashion. And in a way, these “everyday” women have helped create the fashion we know today.

My Grandmother and Grandfather
My Mother and Aunt

Every unique style that defined an era speaks so clearly to the social context, growth and cultural influence at the time. These garments each tell their own story and for many of us, they even create a link to the past. A link to our grandmothers, grandfathers, our mothers and fathers. Vintage inspired clothing聽is so much more than just a “shirt” or a “pair of pants”, I think that it is a way for us to pay homage to everything that has lead to where we are today.

-Thrift shopping is like treasure hunting to me-聽
Leandie du Randt Bosch

I’ve been so inspired by the powerful movement in South Africa to support local businesses and brands. The past few months have opened up my eyes to the incredible quality, variety and choice that comes from shopping “locally”. One of my favourite new discoveries is the beautiful聽online boutique, Skoonma Clothing. Skoonma was started by Leandie du Randt Bosch who had the passion to create clothing that was聽“thrift inspired”聽with a touch of聽“Vintage Glam”.
Final_Logo-Clothing initially made by my Skoonma-

Leandie wanted to create a unique range of clothing that expressed her identity and would be true to her “soul”. Which was a concept that most mass-produced brands fall short of. Most of these brands create a kind of “cookie cutter” style that leaves very little room to express oneself.

For this reason, she became inspired to develop her own brand that would聽showcase her love for fashion聽and聽her聽desire to revive聽the聽“retro street” style.
The inspiration behind the designs in her range came from a “treasure chest” of old patterns and fabrics that聽were left behind by her mother. This, to me, makes each garment so incredibly special. I feel as though,聽you just know, that so much care, respect and passion has gone into the making of each item.

Although it saddens me that I couldn鈥檛 share this with her today, she left me a hell of a legacy and a lot of beautiful things to work with and for that, I will forever be grateful for-聽


What makes Skoonma Clothing so interesting and different to other stores, it’s the incredible聽selection of handmade “retro-inspired”聽clothing, the unique handpicked聽thrift items,聽as well as,聽the option to聽customize certain garments in order to fit each woman’s body type. It’s about creating an environment where聽woman can buy clothing that perfectly expresses their聽unique style while feeling pretty and confident in their own skin.

Skoonma Clothing Store- includes the following aspects

Skoonma Threads:
This is where you would find the handmade “retro-inspired” clothing 馃檪
Skoonma Threads is run by Leandie and her Mother-in-law.聽While Leandie works as the visionary behind the brand, her Mother-in-law works with an incredible team to create the different pieces.

I absolutely love the items found in聽 Skoonma threads. It ranges from a selection of cute vintage styled tops (I couldn’t resist getting the beautiful embroided button-up shirt), playsuits, beautiful short, as well, full-length dresses and lastly a gorgeous retro-styled dungaree. Oh my word, I am just so in love with this entire range.

Here is a quick peek to whet your appetite:


Skoonma Thrift:聽
This section of the online store houses all the unique handpicked thrift items 馃檪

This aspect of Skoonma Clothing I really admire. I believe that these types of聽opportunities for vintage聽items to be re-used and recycled will go a long way in creating a sustainable fashion industry. It also, as mentioned before, allows us to hold onto parts of our history. I absolutely love the idea of wearing聽 items that have their own story to tell. It just makes the outfit special and unique.

Skoonma Accessories:
This section of the store is currently made up of a beautiful selection of leather belts and handbags. The items found here can vary from thrift to handmade depending on what is available at the time. I am dying to get my hands on one of those leather belts!!!

Here’s a quick sneak peek:聽


If you would like to check out Skoonma Clothing for yourself, please see below for options:


I really hope that you enjoyed my feature on Skoonma, please let me know if there are any local brands you would like me to feature next.




Wellness Wednesday

-Follow your passion- Beauty Vlogger: Bushraa Kamaldien

-With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts-
Eleanor Roosevelt

An incredible amount of knowledge is learnt throughout聽our schooling careers. However, we often don’t realise that this knowledge only equates to the smallest fraction of what is available to us. For this reason, so many young people often find themselves completely lost in the world. Nevertheless, when they do eventually聽discover “who they are” it can be the most incredible life-changing moment.

I don’t know about you but I’m often surprised聽when bumping into people from school. The paths many of them have taken are so completely different to what was expected. I feel as though the school environment can often be quite limiting in terms of space for personal growth, as well as, creating an atmosphere of acceptance for each person’s uniqueness ( and special “quirks”). For this reason, so many of us only truly聽start to embrace and discover our passions after leaving school. One such person was Bushraa聽Kamaldien. Bushraa and I were old friends from school (History Class buddies), who eventually had lost contact with each other. However, via the “highly connected” beauty community, we rediscovered each other. I’ve learnt so much and I think her journey over the past few years has been one filled with ambition, unfailing passion and a great desire to learn.

-Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you-
Oprah Winfrey

Her journey all started at UWC while studying a degree in BCom Law. Bushraa explained that this was an incredible experience in her life. She was extremely passionate about her degree and university provided the perfect opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. People who would influence, inspire and ultimately ignite the spark to a聽new passion. A passion for teaching and experimenting with makeup and the unlimited amount of techniques available. This would eventually lead to her own beauty vlog,聽Bushraa Kamaldien

Growing up as a young woman in today’s聽society, we are often exposed to negative connotations聽towards interest in makeup and beauty. There’s this stigma attached that makeup is only worn to hide insecurities and imperfections.聽 For Bushraa this was a major聽deterrent, until meeting one of her close聽friends at university. Her entire perspective on this industry changed. She began to see how makeup could be used as a tool to highlight features and express oneself rather than a mask to hide behind. It soon became a new passion for her. One that she聽wanted to learn more about and share with those around her.

Bushraa found inspiration from Beauty Vloggers like聽RachhLoves. She loved how passionate, energetic聽and most of all relatable these Vloggers were. I think that having such easy access to these types of beauty channels have completely revolutionised the beauty industry.聽It makes it possible for people who have had zero makeup exposure to learn basic techniques that they can then build on and use to聽develop their skills.聽Through dedication, research and a lot of practice, Bushraa聽eventually started to discover her own “style”. Which techniques worked and were easy to use, what tips were useful and ultimately what looks she wanted to create. Inspired by these beauty channels, her growing knowledge on the topic聽and her need to share her passion with the rest of the world. Bushraa decided to start her own beauty Vlog.

She wanted her shows to be aimed at beginners (like herself), showing basic techniques and tips for achieving a more “natural” makeup look. She also wanted to showcase techniques that could easily be incorporated into an “everyday” routine. For her, one of the biggest struggles when learning聽via Youtube was the lack of channels dedicated to people who didn’t have basic makeup skills to fall back on. Most of these tutorials were done by “Makeup pros”. During one of my conversions with Bushraa, she mentioned a very important point: “What might seem ‘basic’ to a makeup professional is not聽necessarily ‘basic’ to a beginner.” Ultimately, her aim was to make her tutorials as relatable as possible. I personally found that聽her聽videos available were very informative and I think that they would be beneficial to anyone starting out their makeup journey.聽So, I would highly recommend checking out her channel and Instagram account聽

-As a little extra to her channel, I mean the law is one of her greatest passions, Bushraa has also created a mini-series focusing on basic Law principals-聽

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read this article, I really hope that you found it inspiring and useful 馃檪


February Printable Calendar Post

I have really been enjoying working with聽JacciR designs聽on our monthly calendar聽collaborations.聽The calendar will feature original illustrations by JacciR Designs and you will be able to download the monthly printable copies from my blog. The best part of all, it’s completely free 馃檪



If you are interested in viewing some of the illustrations and graphic聽design work by JacciR Design, please head on over to Limoncello cards & Things


February Printable Calendar

Please select the link to print your copy of this months calendar:聽February

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Food for thought, Ikigai

Find what shapes your life (Garcia & Miralles 2017)-

As I鈥檝e mentioned in previous blogs, I am a person who struggles with anxiety, social anxiety as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder (let鈥檚 just call them my 鈥渋ssues鈥). For me, it has been a struggle since my early years in High school. I would have patches of calmness and then my whole world would spiral out of my control and into the control of my latest obsession at the time.

During 2016 and 2017, while studying education at university, I suffered one of my worst breakdowns. I found out that I had a tumour and even though it turned out to eventually be benign, the testing process was way more than I was prepared to deal with on my own. I鈥檝e had many lows while dealing with these 鈥渋ssues鈥 but I have always managed to pull myself together in time. However, over the past two years, things just kept spiralling further and further out of my control. It was getting to the point where these 鈥渋ssues鈥 were causing damage to my studies as well as my physical health. And so, it was decided that I would take this year off in order to work on getting better and learning ways of coping with my 鈥渋ssues.鈥

I want to try to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and most importantly, I want to re-ignite the passion I had for teaching when I first started. So, this brings me to today鈥檚 inspiration. Which is based on a book that was recommended to me, Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by H茅ctor Garc铆a and Francesc Miralles.

Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years, Japenese Proverb (Garcia & Miralles 2017)-

Before starting, I did some research and found that the Japanese word 鈥業kigai鈥 roughly translates to 鈥渁 reason for being.鈥 It talks about finding your motivation to get up in the morning and finding your purpose in life. I鈥檓 hoping that this book will open my eyes to some life-changing concepts. The authors, H Garcia and F Miralles (2017), talk about using the book as a 鈥渢ool鈥 to discover your own 鈥業kigai鈥. A way of learning to leave behind our fast-paced lifestyles while finding our purpose to live, learning to nurture our relationships and finally discovering ways of throwing ourselves into our passions.

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life deals with concepts such as 鈥淭he art of staying young while growing old,鈥 鈥淗ow to live longer and better by finding your purpose,鈥 鈥淭he Ikigai Diet鈥 as well as 鈥淓xercises that promote health and longevity鈥 and so many more. This is just an incredible book focusing on an incredible concept of living life. And I feel like this will be a life-changing experience, a well-needed change to the way that I have been dealing with things going on around me. And I look forward to sharing this process with you.

I decided to download this book through and my aim is to just listen to the book during the day and take each lesson day by day. And of course, share my experience with you and hopefully inspire some of you to give it a try.

Treat everyone like a brother, even if you haven鈥檛 met them before (Garcia & Miralles 2017)-

Reference: Garcia, H. & Miralles, F. 2017. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy. New York: Penguin Books.

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday, sustainable and ethical fashion in South Africa

Across the world, there has been a major movement to adopt an alternative lifestyle, one where people are made aware of the major impacts that our actions have on the Earth and those around us. South Africa is no exception, especially when it comes to our fashion industry. Through my research, I have come across multiple companies and organisations working towards creating a fashion industry that embraces sustainability and ethical working environments. I decided to post this article, as I believe it is not just the responsibilities of businesses and organisations to “do what is right,” it is also the responsibility of the consumers to be conscious聽and aware about their purchases. Where they come from, how they were produced, what materials were used and most importantly, how the workers involved have been treated during the manufacturing process.

Green-Strategy-Logo.png“More sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects… From an聽environmental聽perspective, the aim should be to minimize any undesirable environmental effect of the product鈥檚 lifecycle… From a聽socio-economic聽perspective, all stakeholders should work to improve present working conditions for workers…(Green Strategy, June 2014).”聽

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this year I wanted to take on the challenge聽of buying local products and supporting local businesses. It also got me thinking about companies in South Africa that produce and market sustainable fashion. I feel as though, I have been guilty of turning a blind eye to the major environmental and social consequences that the production and manufacturing聽of items I purchase have caused. I also don’t think that I’m the only person who hasn’t really given much thought when purchasing “cheap” mass-produced goods, we sought of get blinded by the “low-low” prices without thinking, “How can they afford to charge so little?” “What corners are being cut?” “How little are workers being paid to keep prices so low?” I’m not in any way saying that clothing brands should overcharge for items, however, I do believe that customers should be more aware of the costs of producing quality goods, sourcing local products and paying an acceptable fee for the labour involved. That is why I think it is so important to pay that “little bit” extra to support local ethical companies.
As I said earlier, it is our responsibility聽as consumers to educate ourselves and to be more aware of “what we are buying” and “how we spend our money.”
-If you would like to read more about sustainable fashion, please take a moment to read the article: “SEVEN FORMS OF SUSTAINABLE FASHION,” posted by Green Strategy

So, I decided to investigate some South African brands that focus on producing clothing items through a sustainable and ethical approach.

mobile_logo.pngThe first store I would like to share with you, I’m actually so excited to talk about them, is Strength & Honour Women’s Apparel. I came across this store via their Instagram account. I was initially drawn in by the look of their simple, sophisticated “urban/ country” style. And shortly after exploring their site, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this brand. Their values are inspiring and it is clear that creating a sustainable fashion line is something that Strength & Honour聽pride themselves on. From creating beautiful handmade garments, sourcing only the best of local, high-quality fabrics, promoting fair labour law to enforcing ethical methods throughout every step of their production. There is no doubt that Strength & Honor are committed to creating awareness and change in our fashion industry.聽 And I would highly recommend viewing their beautiful collection.

-We desire for our apparel to accentuate the confidence and dignity of the women we clothe, allowing them to know their worth and fearlessly pursue their passions whether it鈥檚 in an office, at home, or out with friends-